Wednesday: Duck report

July 3, 2019 • 11:00 am

We have two quick videos of the oldest and youngest broods in Botany Pond. But the first one is especially exciting, as it shows some of the first flights of Katie’s ducklings, who are just about two months old. From fluffball to flight in sixty days! Our Secret Duck Farmer (SDF), who took the videos, says that so far Katie’s ducklings are flying around the pond, but haven’t flown away form it. (No surprise there!). The SDF’s report:

Here are two short videos, also from July 1. The first is a short video of two of Katie’s ducklings taking flights, and the second is the new mom’s {Daphe’s] brood mimicking her.
The watching duckling who takes off second seems to be a little less airworthy than the one who makes a circuit.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Duck report

  1. That would be it’s first water landing ever! Skids down. Splooosh! Luckily, the crash landing didn’t hurt, though it might suffer embarrassment. 😎

  2. Very high flap rate for the actual amount of flight involved.

    Having said that, can you imagine how fun it must be to discover that you can fly?

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