Duck teaser

June 7, 2019 • 1:30 pm

I still can’t believe that both broods of ducks are coexisting in the pond! I have two upcoming sets of photos, one of the half-grown brood of Katie, and the other of the new one. (I haven’t yet named the hen, as I think it would jinx things before the ducklings are a week old. Shoot me if I’m superstitious.) They’re keeping me busy, but I’m also doing various “intellectual” tasks, and serious posting will have to wait.

Here’s a teaser for set #2. This baby, and the seven others (yes, there are eight) are a bit more than a day old. Click to enlarge for maximum cuteness.

16 thoughts on “Duck teaser

    1. Aaaaw ! That is, Mr Kukec, d a r l i n g
      nostalgia !

      And in re duckling noms and comestibles
      utterly true !


  1. Wonderful photo – saved it. I am desperately hoping there will be no momma territory battles. I saw it happen here on our creek and found it so worrisome – cause of unhappy outcome for some of the duckies.

  2. I think the infusion of more than the natural amount of noms has resulted in more than the natural amount of survivors, which is a good thing.

  3. Two years about this time I opened the back door to the patio to call the cats in, and a duckling scampered through the door, around my legs, into the den and under the couch.

    I then uttered the famous words, “There’s a duck under the couch!”

    My wife leapt up, and we both tipped up the couch, my wife expecting to see a full-grown duck and I to see a little yellow fluff ball.

    We caught the critter, then went out to the golf course to find the mother or brood. None in sight.

    We kept the duck, now named Don Q, over the weekend. He settled down, ate some duck chow and paddled around in a little bowl of water. We took him to the wildlife rescue center where he was cared for and released back into the wild.

    It was a great adventure and we have video of little Don Q snuggling into my hand, falling asleep and snoring. Duck snores.

  4. And mallards aren’t even among the cute ducks. There are five species of cute ducks in North America. In ascending order of cuteness: green-winged teal Anas carolinensis, wood duck Aix sponsa, bufflehead Bucephala albeola, hooded merganser Lophodytes cucullatus, and, the pinnacle of ducky cuteness, ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis. That’s science.

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