Cyrus is dead

June 6, 2019 • 10:48 am

I did not convey the full extent of this situation before, but I think I mentioned that Cyrus, the aged dog of my dear friends Andrzej and Malgorzata in Poland, has not been well.  You have seen Cyrus many times if you read the daily Hili dialogues.

Well, this week things went downhill for the poor guy: he stopped eating, appeared to be in pain, and the vet said it was time to let him go.

This morning Cyrus was put to sleep.  He was the fast friend and companion not just of Andrzej and Malgorzata, but of Hili as well. The animals often shared Cyrus’s bed and went on walks together. And of course Cyrus’s human staff are devastated.

Cyrus’s history can be told briefly: he was found nine years ago wandering the streets, starving to death. He had clearly had an owner before, as he was already well trained and sweet. Cyrus was taken to the local animal shelter, and there he languished for 4 years, with nobody wanting him. When Malgorzata and Andrzej’s last dog died, they adopted Cyrus from the shelter, and had him for five years.

I knew him over the last five years, and he was a sweet dog. He had a wonderful life in Dobrzyn: he got fine dog food, lots of treats, and love from everyone, especially Malgorzata, Andrzej, and Hili. But 14 or 15 years is old for a dog, especially a big one like Cyrus, and he began falling apart. Today his suffering ended, and here’s what Malgorzata had to say about it:

The vet did this in an absolute painless way, putting Cyrus first to sleep like for an operation  and then giving him the deadly injection. Andrzej wrote a few words on his Facebook and posted 10 pictures of Cyrus. A man is here, digging a grave under the hazelbush where Darwin and Emma are. [JAC: those are their previous dogs.] But Cyrus is still behind me, looking as if he were asleep, but there is no longer any laborious breathing.

[Later]  He is now buried and soon we will remove all his things from the house. Hili is behaving very strangely. She is meowing constantly but I cannot know whether she knows something is very wrong and, even so, what “wrong” really means to her.

Here’s Andrzej’s announcement on Facebook, and I’ve used the automatic translator, which isn’t that great:

RIP, sweet dog.  If you have any words for Andrzej and Malgorzata, please put them in the comments.

Here are some of Andrzej’s pictures of Cyrus from the last five years.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve always loved the Cyrus and Hili photos — and their conversations. They seemed like such great pals! As for Hili, I suspect she does “know” something’s not right. I hope she adjusts soon.

  2. How very sad. My condolences to Andrzej and Malgorzata and Hili, and to you as well, Jerry.

  3. Sad to hear. I liked Cyrus – he seemed a cheerful companion. I’m glad to know he went painlessly- that cannot be easy for anyone. Best wishes for his family.

  4. So Sad. All of us who have followed JAC’s blog over the years have fallen in love with Cyrus, Hili, and the wonderful people who cared for them. Condolences to them and Jerry. Cyrus will be missed by all.

    1. Yes, we feel like we know them even though we never met them. It makes me so sad to hear this news – condolences to all who knew Cyrus.

  5. I knew Cyrus only through photographs and comments on this site but I’m sniffling because I and others who knew him via WEIT came to love him. And now to know his story, My gosh! he couldn’t have found a better home than yours. I am so sorry.

    1. Thank you for saying this. I’ve been searching for something to say but you have expressed my feelings exactly.

    2. Same here. Even though we never met face to face (or nose to well, butt…) it felt very much like I knew him and I will certainly miss him in my own way. The morning posts from Poland will never be the same. It’s nice he got to spend his golden years living in home filled with love and companionship, human and feline.

  6. This brings me to tears. Yet we will always remember Cyrus — a well-loved and faithful friend to Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili, and Jerry. Thank you for giving him a wonderful life in the orchard after his long years of neglect.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that Hili has lost her friend.

    We had a dog for Christmas, just to look after for some friends. He was only here for about five days at most, but our cat-owning family fell completely in love with him. It was like water in the desert to be treated to that kind of goofy, overflowing affection from a pet.

    1. “It was like water in the desert to be treated to that kind of goofy, overflowing affection…”

      That so perfectly captures the essence of (most) dogs. I can no longer imagine being able to live without them. People let you down–dogs, almost never.

  8. I am deeply saddened by this news of Cyrus as I fell in love with him from across the world and in my imagination. I feel like I knew him from the wonderful pictures you have been posting on this sight. What an incredible dog he was and how lucky he found such a wonderful family to love him. Condolences to his wonderful family and Jerry. He will be sadly sadly missed by all of us who read the postings. Thank you for sharing him.

  9. He had a lucky last five years, beloved by his people and by Jerry’s people. A famous dog. A good boy.

  10. I loved seeing Cyrus and Hili and participated in their imaginary conversations (or better conversations that I needed translating which you did so beautifully).

    Farewell, its been so good to know you. I’m so glad that these have been a part of the diverse WEIT offerings.

    Take care, the three of you.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss of Cyrus. I could always tell he was a sweet boy. I’m very sad that he’s gone, but so glad he spent the last five happy years with all of you.

  12. Such a sad day for all of us but more so for those in Poland. It is the same as the loss of a family member and I try not to cry without success. I will remember Cyrus as I do my first dog, a black one named Inky many years ago. Hili knows, you can be sure of it.

  13. So sorry to hear of Cyrus’ passing. I have enjoyed all those photos of Cyrus and Hili walking and sleeping together. What a lovely friendship it was. I hope that Hili is not too affected.

    When it was time for our last cat Poppy to go (cancer) the vet put her to sleep in the same way Cyrus went. It was very sad.

  14. Thank you for giving Cyrus a good home . It is not so much his passing, that is something that we cant do anything about, but the quality of his life that mattered

  15. Cyrus was a wonderful dog and he was so fortunate to have such a loving family in his later years. He will be sorely missed by many.

    Andrzeg, Malgorzata, and Hili — I’m so sorry.

  16. It feels like a member of my own family is gone. A daily void will w ill be felt by many of us.

  17. Dear Andrezej and Malgorzata,

    I am greatly saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved Cyrus. In this sad time, I hope that the knowledge that you gave Cyrus such a happy life consoles you.

    Sincere sympathy,

    Neil Bruce

  18. Sincere condolences, I too am tearing up having gone through the same thing with a similar dog 2 years ago. So happy you gave him a good home.

  19. I weep. Ms Hili / Ms Koraszewska /
    Mr Koraszewski, “Any’s life no matter its length … … is a complete one.”

    Grieving is hard.


  20. Compared to us they have such a short life and their death is felt so intensely even by me at such a distance. For those of us who share our lives intimately with animals their unconditional friendship is immeasurable.
    I grieve with you at the loss of your dear companion. For Cyrus you made his life special and I know Hili will miss her friend as shall I.
    Robert Ladley Nova Scotia Canada.

  21. It’s always devastating to lose a beloved pet/companion, but we always go to the local shelter and set ourselves up for a repeat.

  22. Sad day. I recall the rocky start for Cyrus and Hili but it certainly settled down to an obvious friendship. Condolences to all.

  23. I watched Hili’s and Cyrus’s love grow for each other daily, so beautiful. My heart breaks & tears fall for his family. RIP Cyrus.

  24. I am very sorry. Have been reading about and seeing Cyrus’ pics since he came to be with Hili. I’ll miss him. Peace to you all, and a special hug to the lovely Princess.

  25. Obviously I don’t know Andrzej and Malgorzata but through WEIT we have all come to know Cyrus and Hilli well. I’m truly sorry to hear of the poor dog having to be “put to sleep”. He’ll be a great loss to them both and Hilli I’ve no doubt. Our pets become too much like family and when the die it can be very painful. My own old Davie, a cocker spaniel, was the best dog we ever had and when he went it was a real miss. The only bright spot is that unlike ourselves we can end a life when there is suffering and no hope of recovery.I shall raise a glass to Andrzej and Malgorzata tonight in memory of their Cyrus.

  26. Hili may find some comfort in Cyrus’s scent in his bed. I hope they keep that for a week or so. I know that when I lose one, my other dog will sleep where the departed dog used to sleep.

    Some dog at the local shelter will be happy to learn that a space has opened up at the most loving home in Poland. In dog rescue they say “They always send the next one,” but of course there is always a next one just waiting for a chance at love and comfort.

    I send my hugs to Hili and her staff. It’s not easy to let go, no matter how long it’s been.

    I hope google’s translation is correct:
    Cyrus miał szczęście, że cię znalazł.

  27. Cyrus had such a good nature. Not every dog is sweet to a cat. He was so lucky to find you to provide a perfect home and family for him in the last third of his life. May your wonderful memories of him bring you comfort in this difficult time. I will miss his daily photo and conversations with his pal Hili. Give Hili a hug for me.

  28. Friendly, affectionate, loving relationships between animals of different species who might be expected to be in constant conflict are always wonderfully touching and elating.

    None more so than the tie between Cyrus and Hili.

    I never met Cyrus but feel a pang now that he is gone. Thanks to his appearances on this site, many others in many worldwide places will surely feel the same.

    Condolences to Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili, and anyone else who had the good fortune to know Cyrus personally and to help him round out his life so wonderfully after what he suffered during his earlier years.

  29. Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili, and Jerry.. It is so sad to lose your animal friends, they are more loyal and loving than human friends. But in time the pain passes and what you will remember are the crazy, funny, and unexplainable antics and goings-on and you will be glad that your friend passed through your life. I write this remembering our dog Millie and our long lived, 19 years, cat Sox.

  30. I’m so sorry to hear about Cyrus. He looked like a really sweet dog. I’m sure it was very hard to let him go. He had a good life with Hili. I loved getting to know him through the dialogs. RIP Cyrus.

  31. Losing a family member is a horrible experience and words don’t really help. You’ve both been through this before, and know that only time and good memories can assuage the grief. I always loved Cyrus’ robust docked tail. I bet it looked cute when he wagged it.

    As I too have lost beloved dogs, I cry for your loss, but am grateful you gave the good boy a loving home and friendship during his final years. Take care Andrezej and Malgorzata; RIP Cyrus.

    Mark Richardson

  32. My dog, Chica, died recently. Here is a consolation a friend sent me.

    Blessed are the dogs who have been loved,
    for they have known the sweetness of belonging.

  33. Cyrus had such a wonderful like with you, the love, the wonderful grounds, orchards for walks, and of course treats and Hili. He had many, many friends throughout the world.

  34. Such sad news. I have been following Cyrus’s adventures since he came to live with you, Andrzej and Malgorzata. When he first arrived, I felt a bit worried for Hili because it seemed as though her peaceful life would be disrupted. It was fun to watch them become fast friends.

    I did not realize how old he was until PCC’s post a few days ago saying that he was not well. Considering his past–lost on the street, and then too many years in a shelter–it is truly inspiring that his senior years were spent in such a loving home. And finally, you made one of the most loving decisions one can make for an animal friend: to ensure that his life ended peacefully.

    Best wishes to you and to Hili.

  35. I have never posted before, but reading of the passing of Cyrus hit me hard. I have been quietly following the adventures of Cyrus and Hili for some time now.Condolences to his family, human and feline both.
    I have been owned by many cats over my lifetime and watching them grieve is always hard. They feel the loss as much as their human family member.

  36. This is so sad. We will all miss Cyrus but not as much as Andrzej, Malgorzata and Hili and Prof. Ceilingcat. Thank you for caring for him so well. A big hug to you all.

  37. A friend told me this when I had just let one of my beloved dogs put to sleep.
    The greatest gift we can give to our animal friends is to take away their pain, and make it our own.

  38. My condolences to Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili and PCC. Such a sad day that Cyrus is gone now – but good to remember that you gave him the best final years that a dog could have.

    How did I fall in love with a pair of animals I have never met who live on the the other side of the globe?

  39. Very sad, yes; but it’s worth celebrating the fact that the last third of Cyrus’s life was spent with such compassionate staff and companions.

    And also worth reflecting that Cyrus will live on, in the form of a permanent change in the brain configuration of everyone who knew or has heard of him. (Including Hili maybe, in a way). That makes 50,000+, I guess. Not many dogs could say as much!

  40. Dear Jerry, Andrzej and Malgorzata
    Thanks for sharing Cyrus’ journey via those posts over the years.
    I hope you are able to focus on all the good times to dull this awful sense of loss.
    Best wishes

  41. Sad news. WEIT regulars will miss him indeed, but it’s more painful for those closer.
    Moje kondolencje dla Małgorzaty, Andrzeja i Hilij

  42. Oh no! Sorry to hear this news. I shall miss the reports of Cyrus’s sublime adventures with Hili. RIP dear fellow.

  43. My CondolencesAndrzeja and hili have lost a gentle and steady walking companion and with malgozata have lost a great friend. Thank you for sharing cyrus’ life with us these years.

  44. Along with others here, I’m crying. The loss of a dear animal friend is so painful. My condolences to Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili, and Jerry.

    I’m glad, actually, to hear that Cyrus was put to sleep. It’s the kind and merciful thing to do, and animals who are spared horrible terminal suffering are lucky. It’s so hard to do (we know that from experience), but it’s a good gift we can give our dearly beloved animal companions.

  45. How kind of your family to take in Cyrus and give him such a great life for the last 5 years. Though it’s sad that he is gone, it is wonderful that he was loved so much.

  46. I hope that Andrzej and Malgorzata feel better soon,but loosing you companion dog is tough. We recently lost ours at 12 years to an inoperable, burst tumor. Dusty has a nice walk the day before and died quickly during night.

  47. Oh, I’m sorry! My heart goes out to A, M, and H. I loved Cyrus and his relationship with Hili; it was the sweetest thing. What a wonderful dog. But, yes ,at leash he had some very good years. I’m missing him already like crazy. This is the saddest day!

  48. I am sorry to hear this. But to learn what a sad life Cyrus at the dog shelter only to find peace, comfort and love in his last years with Malgorzata, Andrzej and Hili is joyful. Cyrus’ American friend Jerry will also miss him. It is so touching that this friendly dog was given such a loving home after being rescued from the animal shelter. I know Cyrus will be missed but you should both be proud of the life you gave him. I am sure he appreciated and returned his thanks in many ways. Condolences to all.

  49. Andrzej and Malgorzata, Hili and Jerry — we are so sorry to hear about Cyrus. Besides the joy he brought to you all, he brought similar joy to tens of thousands of readers of WEIT. Be at peace, sweet Cyrus.

  50. So sorry about Cyrus, he was a beautiful dog and was lucky to have you. I was out walking this morning with my black lab, talking about the Jack Russel breed and my last dog who passed two years ago. When I read about Cyrus I teared up.

    I agonized for months after I put Eddy down. Did I wait too long? Was I selfish?
    I still don’t know.

    1. When my Nala was ‘put down’ (15th of May 2013) she had scabies in her ear and due to scratching had a blood ear. She occasionally sagged her hind limbs but was still a ‘good’ dog. She still had ‘dignity’, which I find the best -albeit admittedly vague – criterion.
      If your dog still had that, you did not wait too long.

      1. My last two (consecutive) pooches lived to 16.5 and 15.5. Soooo hard to let them go, but the “right” time was fairly obvious in both cases. With Currie, about 18 months ago, my wonderful vet came to my house. Still brings tears.

        1. When I put my black lab down in 2009, I was a wreck after & stood in line to pay. I remember being annoyed with the people in front with their petty little things that were preventing me getting the hell out of there. I could have paid later but for some reason, I wanted to pay right then.

  51. Death is always sad, and although I never had the honour to meet him, Cyrus was a kind of household character.
    I’m glad he had a good last few years of his life, and that he could be euthanized while still having dignity.
    A privilege, btw, denied to most of us.

  52. I am so sad for all of you: Andrzej, Malgorzata, Hili, and Jerry. Although I am a cat person, I grew to love Cyrus and his companionable conversations with Hili via long distance. Of course Hili knows that something is terribly amiss–the friend she spent recent years with is suddenly no longer there. He was so lucky to have finally found a family that loved him so deeply, where he could spend his last five years in peace.

  53. Andrzej and Malgorzata and Hili, I am sorry for your loss. Your WEIT family grieves with you.

  54. I am so sorry and saddened to hear this news.
    We lost our two beloved cats to old age several years ago, so I’ve already been on that same dreaded journey to the vet as Andrzej and Malgorzata, and I feel such sympathy for them. And for poor Hili, who can’t understand why her best friend isn’t around any more.

  55. I don’t know what is worse – losing a beloved pet or having to make the awful decision to put him to sleep. I have found that as an animal ages, it helps to set a mental tipping point – where the animal’s condition reaches a point where it becomes worse to try to hang on than to let go.

  56. My condolences. It’s always hard to say good bye to a dear family member. We as human have the compassion to make the right choice and not let them suffer. It’s the last good thing we can do for them and part of being a responsible pet owner.

  57. I am very sad about the loss of your dear Cyrus. I have enjoyed his exploits with Hili these past few years and can’t imagine her without him. He was a wonderful “straight man” to her antics. I have a 15-year old dog myself and I treasure the fact that she is still well.

  58. Goodbye, Cyrus. You were such an integral part of the cherry-orchard island of love and sanity you shared in Dobrzyn. I am crying. I miss you. And my heart goes out to the family three you left behind.

  59. I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s always so difficult to part with animal friends. I hope Andrzej and Malgorzata can take comfort in the happy life Cyrus had with them in his later years. I know the joys of taking in an older pet, as well as the heartache when they have to leave.

  60. You could always tell Cyrus had a sweet nature, just from the photos. Somehow the wonderful, simple stories and photos weaved a web around the world, so that all of us felt like part of the family. Here I am waking up to this news in New Zealand and weeping like a child.
    Bill Forster

  61. So sorry to read of Cyrus’s demise. It’s sad that he was in the shelter for so long but such is often the case of animals with black fur, especially dogs. It’s so heart breaking to lose a pet and to euthanize one, even if it’s the kindest thing to do. I’m glad you were able to have Cyrus for his remaining years & 15 is a long time for a large dog to live so Cyrus got very lucky!

  62. I have been here many times with clients and my personal pets….it’s not easy….I wish them peace and thank them for the beautiful life of love that they gave to Cyrus.

  63. Dear Andrzej, Malgorzata, Jerry and Hili, my heartfelt sorrow at your loss of Cyrus. What a full life he led with his sunset years filled with love and kindness and friendship!

    I think that Hili is most perturbed that she keeps calling and calling, yet Cyrus does not appear out of the mist. Poor Hili. :'(

  64. So sorry to hear about this, both for the owners and for Hili. When my first cat died, my second cat was never the same. She was always so much more needy for affection and attention. She lived another five or six years, but it seemed she never forgot him and how much she missed him.

  65. Andrzej and Malgorzata, I am heartbroken for you. I can’t believe it has been 5 years. I’m so ashamed, as well, that I reproached you at the beginning for introducing Cyrus into your home, and upsetting Hili. The relationship between them has been a delight. How lucky for him that you made his last years so happy. And how lucky for Hili to have a companion she could exploit and patronize in true feline style, while getting the unconditional love that all cats crave…

  66. Condolences to Hili, her staff and to PCC(E). As the posts above illustrate, many of us around the world feel that we know all of you, and grieve with you. It feels a little odd to sit here on a cold Antipodean winter morning crying over a dog that I never met! I hope that these messages provide a little comfort at this sad time.

  67. My sincere condolences to the family of Cyrus. I join others here in weeping for your loss and his death. However painful for you, you made the right, and loving, choice to relieve Cyrus of pain and misery. As has been said above, would that we could do as well for humans in a similar or like situation. Thank you for sharing your beloved family with is all these years.

  68. Andrzej and Malgorzata, Cyrus was a wonderful companion for Hili. I’ve enjoyed following their friendship since they were introduced. Some events in life have no silver lining and we just have to endure them. I’m sorry for your loss.

  69. Andrzej and Malgorzata, I am so sorry for your loss. Cyrus was a very good boy. Sending kitty purrs and love your way.

  70. I’m so sorry for all in Cyrus’s family. He seemed like such a sweet fella. I’m fighting tears myself.

  71. Dear Cryrus, i hope you know many of us have followed you over time. We grew to know you. My little one would ask me in the morning, is there anything I should know? I can not tell her now, because she has two big projects due tomorrow. She will miss Cyrus just as I am, and we do at a distance. I was unable to repair my grief by letting another dog in my life. I am still aching.

  72. I’ve been coming to WEIT for many years for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is, as always, is to check up on our friends in Poland, Cyrus, Malgorzata, Andrzej and Hili.
    I read this post with a tear in my eye. 15 years is a good run for a large dog in this world. No doubt he lived to that ripe age because of the love and care of Malgorzata & Andrzej.

    Cyrus is fondly remembered.

  73. So sorry to hear that Cyrus is gone. He looked like a really good dog, and he had a good life.

  74. I was not too long ago very religious, and was dragged unwillingly into the light of day by the weight of physical science, evidence and reason.

    That said, and even though I understand somewhat of the evolutionary history of dogs, dogs almost make it possible for me to still believe in the reality of heaven.

    I would go so far as to say that if heaven exists, dogs are most certainly there. (Logically this statement is assuredly true BTW, given that “if False then X” is true for any proposition X 🙂 )

    No dogs, no heaven. End of story. (Except possibly for ducks…)

  75. I’m so sad to hear about Cyrus. He was obviously such a lovely dog, and to lose him must be unbearable. I feel like I’ve lost him too because of his always patient presence in the Hili dialogues. Realizing he won’t be there any more is making me cry.

    Most of all I feel sorry for Malgorzata, Andrezj, and Hili. Losing a pet is heartbreaking, and you all have my deepest sympathy.

  76. OMG, I am so very sorry to hear of Cyrus’s death! He was a good dog and you gave him a good life in his senior years. Hili misses him, too. She knows something is wrong.

    When I read that you buried Cyrus, I nearly cried. Malgorzata and Andrzej, you are such good people. Please take care of yourselves during this extremely difficult time.

  77. Cyrus – a good boy indeed – made the life of this middle-aged man a little happier though he lived 1500 miles away..

  78. Sorry to hear this – the death of a family pet is always very tough.

    I am glad that after his life clearly went badly wrong for him, Cyrus was able to live out his last five years happily in a a home where he was loved and properly cared for.

  79. We are all overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection to our Cyrus. I have no possibility of answering you individually but both of us, Andrzej and I, read every and each comment with tears in our eyes. Cyrus was the sweetest and most lovable dog there ever was. I loved our dogs Darwin and Emma dearly but I was not blinded by love: poor Darwin – sweet, good, gentle and loving – must’ve had a very low canine IQ; Emma, with her extremely high IQ, was a bit of a despot and she despised sweetness and gentleness. But Cyrus combined the best of both dogs: he was a highly intelligent, sweet and most gentle dog. One of the comments I read said that Cyrus won the lottery when we adopted him. Well, we won the lottery as well.

    Hili is clearly depressed. This time of year she normally explores the surroundings and we see her for only a few moments every day. But now she is lying on her shelf on the verandah since yesterday evening, she doesn’t want to come inside but neither is she going for her excursions. I would love to show her a short video and let her hear the music Carol Piller composed for both of them:

    But would she understand and be comforted?
    Great thanks to all of you.

    1. You were truly dog blessed to know such a fine animal. I miss him deeply, and I never met him. I grieve with Hili.

  80. RIP Cyrus. About a decade ago (shortly after WEIT came out) I lost my faithful ~17y/o beagle mix that we’d had since he was a pup. With everything else, I haven’t had time for a dog since, but my favorite local brewpub is a dog-friendly place and so I get my share of canine interaction down there. Cyrus would have fit right in there.

  81. I’m very sad at hearing this news, I became really rather fond of Cyrus over the last few years. He seemed such a sweet dog and came across to me as a very dignified and kindly old fellow, maybe due to his little grey beard. I know this will be a difficult time for you Malgorzata and Andrzej, but Cyrus certainly knew he was loved and very much part of your family. He was a very lucky dog to spend his last years living such an idyllic life with you, and I’m sure if he could talk he would have told you he was immensely grateful for your kindness and companionship. Also, my condolences to Jerry and Cyrus’s other friends, human or otherwise.

    1. P.S. I virtually never cry, but I have tears in my eyes right now, for this sweet old dog I never met.

  82. Oh dear.

    I got my first dog three years ago, and since then, I’ve studied the pictures of Cyrus and Hilli together, encouraged that it might be like that if I got a cat, too.

    A loss for us all, of course; exponentially worse for Hili, Andrzej, and Malgorzata

  83. Enjoyed his presence for the last 5 years. Reminds me of our own 2 Black Labs when I was young

  84. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, Andrzej and Malgorzata, but I’m grateful that there are people in the world like you. Thank you for rescuing Cyrus from the shelter so that his last five years could be happy ones.

  85. So sorry to hear the heartbreaking news about Cyrus, the sweet gentleman. Condolences to his dear family. Thank you for giving him such a loving home, and sharing him with us all.

  86. I’m very touched to read so many heart-felt tributes to Hili’s long-suffering, loyal friend Cyrus. Malgorzata’s post with its lovely video (105 above) is very moving. I always identified with dear old Cyrus and will miss seeing him – but he assuredly will not be forgotten. RIP.

  87. For me, Cyrus and Hili have always been a couple. I know you miss him enormously. (My wife and I lost both our cat and our dog in August 2013, so we sympathize enormously.) Don’t ever forget the home and love you gave each other.

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