Spot the walking stick!

June 3, 2019 • 8:30 am

Mark Sturtevant sent in a “Spot the. . . ” photo (click to enlarge).  I’ll reveal the elusive phasmid at noon Chicago time. Mark’s notes (and yes, abide by his Rool). I think this one is rated “hard.”

Can you spot the walking stick? Late last summer I found a large walking stick, and of course I thought immediately that the readers of WEIT, who like a challenge, would enjoy trying to find something that has evolved to Not Be Seen. So I placed her in this perfect place and took a picture. She is in there in plain sight… somewhere. So tell the boss you will be late for work. Or tell the spouse you need to stay late for work because you need to Spot the Walking Stick.
THE ONE AND ONLY ROOL: Please do not divulge the location once you find her! Rejoice, but don’t reveal.

15 thoughts on “Spot the walking stick!

  1. Dammit. Blew it up to full screen size and I still can’t see it.

    Sure this is the right photo? 😉


    1. Nice song but what a curious film visually. Quite consciously it’s a kind of pastiche or montage but I wonder why?

  2. I’m pretty almost maybe sure that I may possibly have spotted it. But I’m not definite. Or am I?

  3. Found it. Had to blow it up as far as my computer would allow, and even then it is hard to spot, even though I found it on the first scan of the blown up picture.

    Yeah, look for antenna. Also see if any candidate is attached to a bigger twig.

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