100th Infinite Monkey Cage episode is now video to the world:

July 15, 2018 • 3:30 pm

The other day I put up the podcast link to the hundredth episode of the BBC comedy/science show “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, starring Robin Ince and physicist Brian Cox. Now the video is available to everyone, not just UK residents, and you can see go to its site by clicking  on the screenshot below.

Spot the geneticist! Matthew Cobb is a VIP guest sitting in the front row.

9 thoughts on “100th Infinite Monkey Cage episode is now video to the world:

  1. Thanks for that. I would have assumed it was still UK-restricted if you hadn’t posted the link. That’s my next hour taken care of.

  2. Note: There’s a 14 minute after-show discussion too
    In the link scroll down & it’s bottom right of the page

    1. For some reason it’s the IMC after-show thing called “Factual Basis of the Christmas Story” from xmas 2014…
      Brian Cox, Robin Ince, Brian Blessed, Chris Hadfield, Prof. Francesca Stavrakopoulou & Rev. Richard Coles.

      Not info packed & somewhat stilted. Blessed humorously self-absorbed & eclipsing the Rev nicely, Francesca splendid & Hadfield being as Canadian understated as usual.

  3. Too bad no one asks after the Bishop opens with all the “you know that we think/have always thought that Darwin was right” with “so the CofE agrees that God didn’t meddle in the least with biological evolution?” No Adam, no serpent, no ensoulment?

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