Caturday felids: Prince Edwards’s cat ties; cat surfs on car roof at 60 mph—and lives!

June 2, 2018 • 10:30 am

Who is Prince Edward, you might ask? Well, he’s the youngest of Queen Elizabeth’s four children (remember? the woman who rules over the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), and now tenth in line to succeed to the throne. Well, he’ll never make it, and any more children of the two older brothers will push him down even further.

But he has one thing over the other Royals: he wears CAT TIES. And he even wore won at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to Town and Country,  “A historical review of photos shows that Queen Elizabeth’s youngest child has always had a thing for feline-themed ties though. Below, take a look for yourself.”

At the latest royal wedding with his wife Sophie (Countess of Essex):

At a garden party at Buckingham Palace on May 16 of last year:

In Quatar on April 15, 2001

On his own wedding day, June 19, 1999, at Windsor Castle with Prince Charles and Prince Andrew:

The thing is, he seems to have only two cat ties, or two kinds of cat ties. Could his family and friends please give him some new cat ties?


This cat was accidentally on the roof of a car when the driver took off, going 60 miles per hour down the highway in Omaha, Nebraska. A kindly woman called the driver’s attention to the cat:

But of course you’re wondering if the cat was all right. Well, according to Vice, it was:

Side-by-side with the minivan, [Rhonda] Rankin waved at it while her husband honked. “There’s a cat on your roof!” Rankin mouthed, pointing up at it. “A cat on your roof!

The minivan slowed down, veered off to the side of the highway, and disappeared behind them, taking the uncertain fate of the daredevil feline with it.

But on Thursday, ABC affiliate KET7 managed to track down the cat’s owners, and discovered that—miraculously—the cat, aptly named Rebel, was still alive. And he hadn’t even gotten injured. Michelle Criger, the Rebel’s owner, told KET7 she had no idea that he had been surfing on top of their van. Apparently the cat likes to hang out around the car, and Criger knows to look under the van and inside of it before she drives anywhere. But she didn’t think to check on top of it—until the Rankins flagged her down.

“When I got him off the roof of the van, he wasn’t scared at all,” Criger told KET7. “He wasn’t shaking, heart racing, nothing. We were more scared than him.”

Here he is; his name is Rebel:

And so Rebel the cat lives on, presumably, as his name suggests, gearing up for his next death-defying feat of bravery. Maybe he’ll graduate from hitchhiking and move on to scaling very tall telephone poles, or perhaps, feeling bit by the travel bug, he’ll try to make his next getaway via plane. And why not? He’s still got eight lives left.

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16 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Prince Edwards’s cat ties; cat surfs on car roof at 60 mph—and lives!

    1. My mind is mush today — I thought a comment below was about QEI, not QE2; and at first, I thought you were referring to Rebel, not the Royal son. But that cat would never suffer a tie around his neck.

  1. Rebel is adorable, and now someone needs to write a new, hard-rockin’ song about him.

    This will do, for now:

    I was gonna go with Bowie’s Rebel Rebel, but those lyrics don’t fit nearly as well.

    If I was a member of the Royals, I would probably want to be Lil’ Eddie. He has the least amount of pressure and, I imagine, the most freedom. He’s nowhere close to “power.”

  2. >> the youngest of Queen Elizabeth’s four children

    Not that I pay any attention to these comedians, but I think this guy is Old Liz’s


    1. “Old Liz”? Are you referring to the Virgin Queen?

      Prince Edward, in his 50s now, is the son, not the grandson of the current Queen Liz.

  3. When I was a child my dad, a high school teacher, would take construction jobs in the summers on Cape Cod. He worked while we played (miss you, pops, every day). One summer, on our way to the Cape, my brothers and I kept telling my parents we could hear a cat meowing. They didn’t hear it (now that I’m olde I know why) and told us to keep quiet.

    When we finally got to Eastham, after nearly two hours of driving, we discovered our kitty Sebastian under the hood, bedraggled and a bit greasy but otherwise unhurt. In fact, he seemed totally nonplussed by it and simply asked for something to eat. Despite being little floofs, cats are tough as nails.

      1. Earl of Wessex & gay I’m 90% certain [a believable rumour of long standing – an openly gay modern Brit Royal is not happening in my lifetime].

        1. He lasted about 3 months in the Marines,before resigning to his Dads chagrin, since then he dresses in evermore Ruritanian like Uniforms garlanded with some Medals off Mummy,so he doesn’t look out of place parading with his Brothers and Nephews. Oh, and he’s a big fan of the Stage, so I think your right, but as you say ,not in our lifetime, at least while his bigoted Dad is alive.

  4. Dawkins has better ties, but these aren’t too bad either, and it’s nice to see a royal with a bit of personality, however muted.

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