Monday duckling report

May 28, 2018 • 2:30 pm

So far so good: still eight ducklings. They all look good and seem quite vigorous. The family sleeps on the tree island at night; here they are in the a.m., with Honey not fully awake.

They’re eating well, too, now taking avidly to Cheerio crumbs, but still rejecting veggies. Honey is getting a decent amount of corn, but I await the arrival of my duck pellets this week.  As for Sir Francis, he keeps a decent distance from the others, and I throw him food now and then to keep him from encroaching. He’s also learned to avoid the sight of my fly net, which I brandish to stop his forays toward the family (I never hit him or touch him with it; it’s just a banner that I wave and shout, “Frank–NO!”)

Here’s the brood:

After meals, they all repair to the tree island, and Honey grooms herself. I think the ducklings emulate her and groom as well; it’s very cute.  Also, I saw the first dabble by a duckling today, who went bottoms up after a sinking piece of corn (successfully).

Here they’re all grooming:

16 thoughts on “Monday duckling report

  1. He’s also learned to avoid the sight of my fly net, which I brandish to stop his forays toward the family …

    Quite the operant conditioner there, eh boss? BF Skinner would be so proud. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post after the Trump Memorial Day post. I really need the happier stuff these days.

  3. Love the duckling reports! Also cute to see the turtles hanging out with them all on the tree island.

  4. Hopefully we’ll get a photo of a duckling dabble before they get too big. Man, they’ve grown; you’re obviously feeding them well!

    Do you ever see tdurtle hatchlings? I’ve seen many adults in the pond, but no wee ones.

    1. No, I’ve never seen a tiny turtle. About the ducklings: everyone says they’re bigger but I haven’t noticed. I suppose it’s because I see them so often I don’t really detect it.

      1. Maybe there isn’t sufficient safe ground to lay eggs. I’ve tried simple “islands” like the one in Botany Pond, but no takers for sliders. It’s probably a good thing though. A plethora of turtles can cause havoc on a small ecosystem…assuming Botany Pond can be considered an ecosystem.

        When you’re close to the kids, you can’t notice their growth. One day their fledged and flying away. WTF?

  5. I haven’t been on here in a number of days and it feels like I miss my family. Glad to see all of the ducks.

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