Trump’s Memorial Day tweet: It’s all about him

May 28, 2018 • 1:00 pm

Crikey, what a self-aggrandizing tweet from the U.S. “President”! It’s all about him.  He has not an ounce of empathy in him, and these are simply empty words for public consumption.


Seriously, people died for our great country so Trump could fix it? Gag me with a spoon.

59 thoughts on “Trump’s Memorial Day tweet: It’s all about him

  1. As Dana Carvey’s character Church Lady would say, “We like ourselves, don’t we Spanky”.Come to think of it, there are several other replies she could rotate intermittently while conversing with the self proclaimed greatest human(?) ever.

    1. Yes and those prisoners, who needs that. It is fortunate that the dead are not around to see this. This cannot be what any of them fought for. The one disgusting truth about this country – anything can grow up and be president in this place.

  2. Well, Mr Trump should be ‘Memorised’, did he not have his own Vietnam War battling veneral disease? A true great War Hero!

      1. ‘God I miss President Obama’. . . who was channeling Abraham Lincoln. . . who was saying just what needed to be said at that time and place. It is very difficult (painful) for me even to write the current occupant’s name in the context of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. So I won’t. I miss the former too, Darwinwins.

        1. Obama and Lincoln? I even miss papa Bush, naughty Billy or -God forgive me- even GW ‘baby’ Bush! I always considered the latter illegitimate, ignorant, anti-science, deceitful and odious, but compared to Mr Trump….Well they share their illegitimacy about equally, but for the rest Mr Trump beats him hands down.

      1. It’s really weird to me. People want to be against Trump so much they defend brutal international gangs. They take the least charitable interpretation of anything he says. If Trump said the sky is blue, some people would go “Well, actually, it’s space, so it’s black and it look blue cuz of light filtering through dust particles and stuff…”. Why is it so hard to accept that he is doing some good things and some bad, just like any other president?

        1. Well, I’ve lived through many bad Presidents, but saying he does some good and some bad stuff is not accurate compared to the others. Almost EVERYTHING he does is bad. I thought the Korean summit was at least a decent try, but now that’s off, too.

          1. “Almost EVERYTHING he does is bad.” Well,this is exactly what I was talking about. I guess we’ll just have to respectfully disagree. To me though, from here in Europe, it doesn’t seem like America is going to hell or descending into chaos or anything like that, unlike some European countries.

            1. I guess you’d have to be here. From the perspective of many U.S. citizens, we’ve seen nothing but Trump loving Trump, Trump ignorantly getting information only from Fox and tweeting idiocies, Trump taking every action he can to undo years of advances and improvements in our country, and Trump being inhumane. It is difficult to find “good” in Trump therefore. The best he can do for us is get out of the White House ASAP and go back to limiting his injuries to businesses, employees and people bringing lawsuits against him, and his family. I’ll not even talk about his sexual rapacity.

          1. On-line trolls, which are sometimes even Russian, will not and cannot provide actual supporting evidence for their evidenceless claims.

      1. Well he is the leader of the current administration… Yea sure, he is prone to bragging and self aggrandizement. So what, who says you need to hold him up as a role-model for your children? And does that nullify the positive aspects of his presidency so far?

          1. He showed us how to cozy up to Russia for a big assist to help win the election. Set up a play for pay system to enrich his whole family and himself while in office. Take nepotism to a whole new level while obstructing justice at every turn.

            I forgot you wanted positives??

          2. The folks who find positive aspects of this administration are basically represent two groups – the super wealthy who along with Trump are enriching themselves even more because of the various policies the administration has enacted, and the Trump base who cannot distinguish shit from Shinola, and are happy that a fellow racist, misogynist, philandering narcissist is having his way with the main street fake news nmedia and liberal Democrats. Plus, they are envious that he can grab pussy without getting into any trouble.

          3. His presence means a hypocritical, whiny, greedy, entitled and incompetent narcissist didn’t get her hands on the wheel. That’s something to be grateful for.

            1. Considering he’s a hypocritical, whiny, greedy, entitled and incompetent narcissist, that’s nothing to be grateful for.

              I really do not get why anybody thinks “at least it’s not Clinton”. She would have been far better than the lump of lard occupying the White House. If Clinton had done everything exactly the same as Trump (she wouldn’t) except not dropping Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, she would be a zillion times better than him.

            2. So you’re willing to trust our nation’s public policy to someone who pushed the risible Birther theory? To someone who’s lent credence to 911 conspiracists, to anti-vaxxers, to the claim that Antonin Scalia was assassinated with a pillow in his sleep? To someone who’s appeared with and praised Alex Jones?

              Thanks for adding your two cents, Vladimir.

        1. So what, who says you need to hold him up as a role-model for your children?

          You obviously don’t live in the US. If you grew up here you’d know that POTUS is pretty much the de facto role model of the United States. Not saying that’s always a good thing, but it’s a reality.

          What do you tell your children when the role model in-chief admittedly grabs women by the pussy, calls white supremacists fine people, is an open bigot, has obvious criminal ties, lies and lies and lies some more, denies reality in general and foments hate and division. I for one am glad I’m not a parent who needs to shield my children from this menace.

          1. How could I have forgotten to add: has adulteress affairs with porn stars and Playboy bunnies and pays them hush money.

          2. I think that Americans should either stop viewing their president as a role model, or start electing presidents of a totally new type, and urgently!
            (I am actually not sure that a person of outstanding moral qualities would make a good president.)

        2. Yea sure, he is prone to bragging and self aggrandizement.

          And Memorial Day is a lousy time to show it.

    1. This rotten bastard is saying that the GIs who fought and died for this nation in foreign wars would all be so proud now because Donald Trump is president of this country — you don’t see how utterly narcissistic and vile that is?

      1. Yeah, the rich kid who took 5 deferments during the Vietnam War for non-existent bone spurs, the guy who mocks Gold Star families, the guy who said McCain wasn’t a hero because he was captured. Yeah, this is the guy we must respect for his stupid tweet “honoring” the military’s fallen.

    2. @Iron Bars. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

      So why is the CinC of the US military, Donald Trump, making money out of Memorial Day? At the Official Trump Store he is holding a Memorial Day Sale – 25% off your MAGA baseball caps & other trash items if you use the code “REMEMBER”. I am not kidding. SEE THIS LINK

      The guy’s an arse

      1. I wonder about the Korea summit as well. It’s off: huge (sorry…”YUGE”) up in sale of the memorabilia.

        Mem sold out, “It may be on again”…


      2. No, wait – 25% off. He’s losing money – 25% to be exact. He’s a public benefactor!


        1. Errm.. the President of the United States has a personal souvenir shop? How… cheapskate can you get?


          1. He has the online Trump Store & he has physical Trump Store outlets at “his” Trump-branded hotels, apartments, spas & golf resorts. Trump added a Made In USA section to his website after Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed him for the amount of Chinese product. Someone did a FOIA request & found the stuff was finished in California, but fabrics, fasteners, labels – everything, was imported,

            PS Most of the Trump-branded properties he no longer owns [his downtown DC hotel beloved of his paying foreign & domestic guests is leased from the government!]. Mar-a-Largo for example – he has a private suite & the private club, but the rest isn’t his. The private club for 500 members [$200,000 to join] made him $37M last year, double the usual pre-presidency profit, but it costs the US government an additional $1M per Trump visit [mainly AF1, USSS, coastguard, Florida cops, diverted civilian flights not included].

      3. But Michael! Throwing cash at Trump in return for some junk made in other countries is THE BEST way to honor those fallen heroes. Just a really tremendous honor for them, believe me!

    3. First, as others have pointed out, it is a very thinly-veiled pat on his own back in what is masquerading as a recognition of the service and sacrifice of others.

      But there is another reason this tweer makes us roll our eyes: it shows the hypocrisy of his supporters. I’ve seen many angry posts on social media from right-wingers unbraiding those who say “happy Memorial Day!” They say the proper way to recognize the day is with solemnity. Do you think you’ll be able to find any Trump supporters criticizing this tweet?

  3. Uncovering more of the truth of history and specifically WWII, we need to give far more credit to FDR, the commander and chief, for the success of that engagement. Roosevelt had to fight Churchill and his own military chief of staff to demand and get the proper strategy for our part in defeating the Germans. His was not an easy fight and Churchill was a very stubborn customer. Many, including myself would be surprised to know that FDR had to threaten withholding participation in the nuclear program to get Churchill to come around.

    1. …Many, including myself would be surprised to know that FDR had to threaten withholding participation in the nuclear program to get Churchill to come around

      To come around to what? Can you provide a link that talks about this? My understanding is FDR & Churchill had an informal agreement to share research data on “tube alloys”, but despite three or four assurances from FDR at face-to-face meetings it never came to fruit. USA acted to protect its own commercial interests & it was mainly US companies that profited postwar in the civilian & military applications of “tube alloys”.

      One of FDR’s characteristics [according to his missus] was an ability to make his political allies believe an agreement had been reached when it had not.

  4. They also serve who sit and wait out the draft with a fifth deferment for fulgazi bone spurs.

    1. Although I did my time in the green uniform back in those good old draft days I never held it against any who avoided it in just about any way they could. But for this guy and a few others, such as Dick Chaney there is something disgusting about their behavior and the nonchalant way they would or have sent people to fight their wars.

      1. I’ve got respect for the guys who served. And I’ve got respect for the guys who refused and went to jail. And I have respect for the guys, like our host, who were opposed to war and sought CO status, and for the guys who opted for Canada and risked never returning — and even for the guys, like Bill Clinton, who avoided the draft on their wits. But in the great pecking order of things, the ones on the lowest rung are guys like Trump, who had rich daddies who bribed doctors for bogus medical deferments — especially when they turn around and beat their chests and rattle their sabers about sending some other poor slob’s kid off to war.

        1. Yes, why do they wave the flag so hard? Demand that players or anyone else stand for the anthem. That is always some one with a big inferiority complex and someone with a problem. This is partly why I do not go to any of the parades or memorial day events. Some of these vets seem to have a problem with this as well. Being in the service is not something that gets you extra special treatment. Just the normal benefits and treatment. Thanking them for their service is okay if that is what you need but I don’t care much for that. It sounds like, have a nice day.

        2. I hesitate to comment, but my disgust is for people like Rush Limbaugh with his sore ass. How in the world does this POS command so many listeners?

          That said, I know many Viet Nam vets who still hold resentment against COs. They can’t seem to distinguish honest protest from cowardice. Partly it is because some of them were vilified for serving.

          IMHO, I think the people who did not serve because they knew the war was wrong (rather than claiming a sore ass, or bad feet) are heroes. That took some courage, as you will know if you lived through that time.

  5. I wonder if Trump’s habit of capitalizing nouns is traceable to his German (immigrant) ancestry. It doesn’t seem like something a 100% American person would do.

    1. Does he seem like the type to be particularly culturally aware, even about his own heritage?

      It’s more likely to be something related to shyster marketing. Random capitalization grabs attention. You see similar things in junk mail scams.

    2. I don’t know. Does Trump read German?

      Also, I’ve seen the “Random Capitalization” thing by various people who were otherwise not very with it. I wonder ….

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