Caturday felids: Foujita, artists of cats; Bengal cat and otter are BFFs; Cat who walked 12 miles to find his staff, who then wanted him killed, finds a loving home

May 12, 2018 • 9:30 am

Until July 15, the Musée Malliol in Paris is hosting an exhibit of artwork by the Japanese artist Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968), who acquired French nationality and a French first name. At the Great Cat site, a gold mine for feline-themed art, you can read about him and his work, which centered largely on cats.

UPDATE: I saw this exhibit today; photos tomorrow (I hope).

Here are a few excerpts:


The Bengal Cats site tells the story of two inseparable companions, Bengallegends Sam, a Bengal cat, and Pip, an Asian Small-clawed otter. They’re being housed by a zookeeper who took Pip home because her mother didn’t have enough teats to suckle five pups, and Pip was the odd otter out. (It’s not clear whether Pip is eventually going back to the zoo.

In the meantime, the keeper got a Bengal cat (her dream cat, like mine) to keep the otter company. As hoped for, they bonded big time, as you can see in this video:


The Independent has a sad yet ultimately heartwarming story of Toby, a long-haired ginger cat who was given away to another family, but walked 12 whole miles back to his original home in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Instead of taking him back, the stupid family took him to a local animal shelter to be euthanized. How could they??

The shelter, though, put Toby up for adoption, and the cat now has a loving owner. Click on the screenshot below to go to the video and the story:

Toby and his new owner:

The people who wanted him to be killed after finding his way back home, well, I won’t say they should be euthanized, but they should be shunned and demonized.

h/t: David, Winnie, Taskin

13 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Foujita, artists of cats; Bengal cat and otter are BFFs; Cat who walked 12 miles to find his staff, who then wanted him killed, finds a loving home

  1. 1. Sam and Pip are so cute together. I decree that they have a celebrity couple name, and that it be…Perrywinkle Ascot.

    2. I’m disgusted by people who adopt pets and then decide they don’t want them anymore. You took on responsibility for the life and happiness of another sentient being, not a plaything. I’ve gone on rants about this before, so I’m not going to do it again, but fuck those people. If there was a Hell, surely there would be a ring reserved for people like them. I hope they’re fundamentalist Christians and their priest soon gives a sermon about people like them going to Hell, and they remain tormented for life by the idea that they’re headed there.

    1. Oh, I forgot one. Japanese artists appear to have been much better at drawing and painting cats than their European contemporaries.

  2. Particularly enjoyed info, photos, art of Japanese artist Foujita. He did great cats didn’t he. Bookmarked that cat website to go back to. TNX.

  3. I agree, a cat that walks 12 miles to rejoin you should be held in high esteem.
    To want to ‘euthanise’*, or more precisely, kill it is evil. Good it found a worthier staff.

    *You ‘euthanise’ when there is sickness, disability or suffering without hope for recovery, otherwise the term is ‘kill’ or ‘murder’.

  4. I knew someone who had a cat that got FIV. She told a religious person about it, and the religious person’s response was, “how disgusting!” and worse. FIV is known as cats AIDS, and the religious nutter assumed it meant the cat caught it via homosexual cat sex. Maybe this cat’s original owner is religious, and didn’t want anything as “disgusting” as a gay cat.

    I suppose if you can throw your kid out for being gay, and suggest the death penalty for gay people, the same thing applies to animals.

    1. I know that’s supposed to bother me, and it does, but I can’t help finding it hilarious as well. Stupidity is often very amusing.

      1. …unless you are on the receiving end. Sympathy derives from the ability to imagine that you are on the receiving end. There is humor there also.

  5. Since there is no free will nobody should be shunned and demonized. The people who wanted the cat to be killed couldn’t do otherwise. Sometimes you seem to forget your own knowledge about the not existing free will and then you are falling back into the common desire of condemning other people due to their behavior.

      1. Shunning and demonizing of people should belong to those pre ages, in which no knowledge about the physical laws which determine human behavior existed.
        To demonize people means nothing else than to dehumanize them.
        If you meant to refere to the topic of deterrence, so show me where is here any relevant problem? Is that a widespread behavior to put a pet in a place 12 miles away and after it found the way back you give it to a shelter asking for euthanizing it? Not at all, it’s not even criminal behavior.
        So the whole story is just a viral, heartwarming story which serves other peoples wishes to feel superior about those human beings which acted not in this way they would have wanted it.
        At least the people didn’t treat the cat badly, they didn’t torture it , they just wanted to get rid of it like thousands of people do every day all over the world.

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