My Handicat!

March 10, 2017 • 7:00 am

Last Caturday I highlighted the “Handicat” finger puppet, and told you where to order it.  Well, a kind reader named Michael (THANK YOU!) sent me a Handicat in the mail, and it’s quite funny. This morning I entertained my office cleaner with a little puppet performance; she was pretty amused.  Here’s my new toy:

Look at those toes! The cat has a very realistic face, too.  Highly recommended as a stocking-stuff for your cat-loving friends.

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    1. Furrrrrrrry !
      (Which reminds me – it’s weeks since I caught up on

  1. Just bought one on ebay for £5.98 ,had alook at the link JC posted but they don’t do worldwide shipping.

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