Attenborough does “What a wonderful world”

March 1, 2017 • 2:30 pm

I’m a sucker for anything David Attenborough touches: he’s the real deal. One would think that his recitation of the old Louis Armstrong song “What a wonderful world” would be cheesy, but not for a second—not when it’s accompanied by clips from his BBC videos. The BBC One put this together, and it almost makes me tear up, for you know Attenborough believes it.

15 thoughts on “Attenborough does “What a wonderful world”

  1. I always felt Pops went soft and sentimental with this tune (especially for the cat who blew “Basin Street Blues” with the Hot Five), but I gotta admit, it works here.

  2. What a wonderful video. What a wonderful man. And of course what a wonderful world! Thanks for the reminder. I teared up a little too. (Attenborough is my go-to when all the crap going on starts to get to me. Really puts things back into perspective.)

    P.S. I saw “Attenborough d_es” in the title and about had a coronary. Whew.

  3. What is missing from the video is the part where animals rip each other apart, eat each other while still alive, are drowned, burned, and crushed by natural disasters, and die miserable deaths from disease. A wonderful world? I’d say it’s a mixed bag.

    1. Yes, a mixed bag. And it really depends on your mental and physical state at any given moment. But, I think the bottom line is, for most of us, overall, life is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. The highs, for most of us, far outweigh the lows. Existence itself is a wonderful prize. Attenborough reminds us of that.

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