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  1. We had a cat, a big old neutered Tom. He liked to sleep on top of the TV (old CRT televisions kids. They were big boxes that got warm)
    One night he rolled over and fell off. The entire family laughed at him – I have never seen a cat look so embarrassed.

  2. Cat didn’t misjudge the leap. Just didn’t understand how paper slides on a table top. Can’t help but laugh.

    1. He fully understood the situation, it was a well executed attempt to clear the desk! At least that’s what he’ll tell everyone who will listen πŸ™‚

    2. I’ve seen several videos where the opposite has happened i.e. kitteh has skidded on takeoff. In fact Youboob is full of ’em.

      I won’t link here and give ammunition to the d*g squad πŸ˜‰


  3. On Sunday one of my cats lost her dignity and nearly her life.
    I didn’t see it but it appears that she tried to jump onto a shelf on the front porch where there were some bottles of car wash stuff.
    She must have hit the bottles which were near the edge and fallen off along with the bottles because I found some on the ground.
    I think because she was falling with the bottles it has affected her landing upright mechanism and landed on her head.
    The first thing I knew about it was that she kept falling over and was shaking her head madly from side to side.
    She also threw up a bit.
    Luckily my neighbour is a good friend and a vet and he came round and took her away to his surgery.
    At first we thought it was snake bite and then poison but now because of the bottles on the ground we are pretty sure it was that she fell off the shelf and hit her head.
    She is back home now and still falls over but the head shaking is gone and she is eating and drinking and sleeping fine.
    I have put blankets and pillows all around the couch so that she is ok when she falls off.
    My friend said it’s very likely she will make a full recovery, thank Ceiling Cat.

    1. Now that sounds serious.

      Accidents are funny up to the point where somebody (and I include kittehs) gets hurt.

      I guess your cat has concussion, I hope she makes a full recovery.


      1. It’s not concussion.
        It’s called feline vestibular syndrome and the main symptoms are falling to one side or turning around in circles in one direction and the rapid sideways movement of the pupils and often vomiting.
        She had all those symptoms.
        Her head shaking must have been because when her pupils are moving she is trying to adjust her head to keep her vision constant.
        Reading up on it showed there are many causes and often the cause is unknown in which case it is called idiopathic vestibular syndrome.
        However we are pretty sure it was because of a fall onto her head.
        As I was reading up on it I read many stories of people whose cats had the same condition but they couldn’t afford to go to the vet. It was heartbreaking to read some of these stories and I thank Ceiling Cat they I could give her the care she needed.

  4. I don’t think the cat misjudged anything. I think that was a perfectly executed plan to troll the human.

    Cat: “Oh, my human is paying attention to the computer and papers and not me? We’ll just see about that.”

    *jumps, lands, clears the papers*

    Human: “FIIIITTTTZZZ!” (I think that was the name)

    Cat: “Muhahahahaha. PURRRFECT!”

  5. That table is loooong

    Aviator Kitty was practising her aircraft carrier emergency ‘Touch’n’Goes’ at right angles to her normal approach due to Human Being fouling the end of the flight deck with his ‘lectronic kitty warmer thingee. A success – rescue chopper not required.

  6. What’s to say the kitty hasn’t just discovered paper surfing and it’s now his favorite thing ever? πŸ˜€

  7. I heard a boneless flop onto the wooden floor of our living room one night followed by a pissy “meow”. Her Highness apparently had had a bad dream while sleeping on the back of the couch and didn’t wake up until the sudden stop at the end of the fall. Hearing that indignant “meow’ was priceless.

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