A new liberal website—and some pieces to read

February 27, 2017 • 8:30 am

I’m not sure when the website Areo Magazine started, but it was just called to my attention, and, like Quillette, it’s worth following as a liberal website that eschews the excesses and authoritarianism of the Regressive Left. It’s edited by Malhar Mali, who told me that the site “is focused around Free Expression, Humanism, Politics, Culture, and Science.”  I’ve put screenshots below of a few recent articles, which you can read simply by clicking on the screenshot. As you can see from this sample, it’s a progressive site that’s also critical of the excesses of the Left. Have a look.









And speaking of Quillette, here are two new articles worth a look (again, click on the screenshot to go to the pieces):




As I looked through both websites, and read some of these pieces, I felt once again the loss of Christopher Hitchens. Imagine what he’d have to say these days about the excesses of the Left—particularly its attacks on free speech! No one has (or can!) step up to fill his shoes.


18 thoughts on “A new liberal website—and some pieces to read

  1. Areo Magazine is pretty good. I really appreciated these two articles by Helen Pluckrose on the toxin that is intersectioanl feminism:



    I really can’t stand third wave intersectional feminists. Reality denying, incoherent, anti science anti-free speech

    And because of your recommendation, PCC, I have been reading Quillette for months now. I really like the variety of articles and the fact that the authors are not afraid to speak their minds, as it were.

  2. It was an area so well covered by fairly young Hitch that nobody wanted to stand in that shadow. There is and always will be another but the wait is killing me.

  3. Nice piece on the banality of Milo.

    Milo, it seems to me, fancies himself a right-wing Oscar Wilde (in which case, I suppose, man/boy ephebophilia is “the love that dare not speak its name”).

    At least Milo, whose entire career (such as it is) was built on an épater la bourgeoisie model, got off easy with his firing from Breitbart. Poor Oscar had to do hard time at Reading Gaol for his “crimes.”

      1. I don’t doubt that any time in Reading is hard time. But inside the prison walls, it must be marginally worse. 🙂

  4. That “A Theory For Understanding The Regressive Left” piece is top-notch. I’ve read other articles analyzing authoritarian leftism (still my term of choice) in terms of religious morality, but that one takes the cake. From now on it’s my go-to.

    Money line: “Usually, and germanely, the sacredness beliefs imbue their believers with a very real sense of righteousness, which is, apparently, a hell of a drug.”

    Hell of a drug indeed; authoritarian leftists are completely addicted to it!

  5. Although i admired Christopher Hitchens for his inspired and fearless outspokenness, i have to say i was opposed to some of his political conclusions…One of them being that the Iraq war was justified and that Islamism should be countered by military force. I have to wonder what his opinion would be of Trump’s Muslim ban….or even if he may have voted for Trump.

    1. I have read Fareed Zakaria make the same point about Islamism – that it belongs to the “armed doctrines” that can be discredited only after being defeated by force. To me, makes sense.

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