Quillette has a Patreon site

January 1, 2017 • 12:00 pm

I’ve mentioned the site Quillette before, describing it as a site you should be bookmarking. Think of it as Slate, but more serious, more intellectual, and without any Regressive Leftism.” (The editor in fact quotes that in her appeal for funds that I’m highlighting here.) It’s a true progressivist site, but it’s growing and needs money.

Unlike HuffPo, editor Claire Lehmann strives to at least pay a nominal fee for contributions, which is only fair. But that takes dosh, and so Quillette has established a Patreon page where you can sign up for monthly donations. The rationale is here, and the Patreon page here. They’re not asking for much: just a total of $1000 per month, and of that they’ve got $332. And check out some of the article highlighted on the Patreon page.

With minimal resources, Claire has done a terrific job so far. But with more money they could become the progressivist and anti-regressive-Leftist site. Check out their content, and, if you feel so inclined, offer a monthly contribution. They’re fighting the good fight. And here’s their “road map for 2017”:


13 thoughts on “Quillette has a Patreon site

  1. I followed Quillette for awhile. I enjoyed several of the articles that were posted, and just skipped over the ones that didn’t interest me.

    But, I gave it up. I found the comments section to have been increasingly taken over by the dudebros.


    Sorry, I will not be donating. I do understand that censoring comments is in general not a good idea, and I don’t really have a solution. There are only a couple sites that I follow that I will make occasional comments on (this being one of them), and I never commented on anything on Quillette. But, it was clear that I would not be welcome there, so I left. L

      1. Yeah, writing off the whole site because of the commenters is basically refusing to consume something you’ve found enjoyable because you don’t like a very small percentage of the other people who consume it.

        1. Understand your points but also do Linda’s. Without management of comments on a site with comments, it’s like the public toilet with and no key. PCC site is only good and healthy because he has strong rules and they are enforced. I would say, if you are not going to have rules and enforce them, don’t allow comments at all. Then of course, it is a different kind of site.

          1. For what it’s worth, I agree with Linda about the majority of commenters there, but that’s why I just skip the comments now. I just wouldn’t want to punish people who I think are producing good content because I don’t like a small percentage of their readers. Also, I respect that there are multiple ways to approaching the moderation (or lack thereof) of an online community, and respect places that have a looser, more freedom-oriented approach just as much as sites like this one.

          2. I did not know that rules here created less freedom but I do think it provides for a more civil and much more interesting comment section. Makes one look forward to the good comments presented and more respected.

  2. So what happens to regressive leftists when they leave college? I mean presumably they can’t all become student welfare officers or campus administrators or academics. As with the hippies of the sixties they have to settle down at some point and integrate themselves with the world and all of its political incorrectitude. Could they really work successfully in a mainstream commercial organization without realising they need to change pdq?

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