Afternoon felids: Reader visits the cat pub, wins book; and Gus!

December 3, 2015 • 3:00 pm

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t brain today, so you’ll hve to be satisfied with persiflage.

And as I wrote earlier, I offered a free autographed copy of WEIT to any reader who visited the “cat pub” in Bristol and sent me a picture of themself with a cat and a pint. Well, reader Andy obliged, and I’ll be toting his book (with a cat drawn in it) to my Darwin Day lecture in London, where I’ll hand it over.

His notes and photo:

Please find attached a couple of photos of my trip to The Bag of Nails ‘cat pub’ in Bristol, previously mentioned on WEIT. Apologies for the slightly grainy nature of the photos as my phone is something of an antique!
I’ve only managed to capture 2 of the “kittens in training” (as the sign on the door stated) as some of the other kitties wandered off upstairs before I could photograph them (typically uncooperative 🙂
I also am holding a pint of ‘Elemental’, a rather fine brew. They also had an IPA and a Blackberry Porter which I shall test on future visits.
2015-12-01 17.01.43 (1)
I love it that the cats sit on the bar (the boxes are presumably a futile attempt at sanitation):
2015-12-01 17.08.40


Second, we have an adorable new photo of Gus, the lovely earless cat of reader Taskin (his ears were frozen off when he was caught in a live trap in winter and not removed in time). Taskin adopted him and gave him a great forever home. Doesn’t he look like a polar bear?

IMG_3650 (2)


28 thoughts on “Afternoon felids: Reader visits the cat pub, wins book; and Gus!

      1. I was thinking that one could count it as the 3rd cat encounter.
        Clever use of the pizza boxes as ‘cat stations’ btw.

    1. I sympathize. My two broken ribs are only supposed to hurt when I laugh or sneeze: they don’t, but they hurt in bed. (I just confused Black with Dubois on H. erectus for the final exam on Johanson’s “Human Origins”. Can’t even half brain with less than 6 hours sleep!)

      1. @Torbjörn: Sorry about the broken ribs. I had noticed in comments a few days ago that you’d been in an accident. I nearly sent a sympathetic reply, but changed my mind wanting to respect your privacy. But as it has come up again, I’m granting myself permission to comment on what has befallen you. Broken ribs?!! Ouchie. Sorry 🙁

  1. Gus is such a beautiful cat, and the ear thing actually works for him to make him extra striking. I wonder if he could become famous on the internet like Grumpy cat.

  2. I think the boxes are the pub owner’s clever way of exploiting Maru Syndrome. It lets the pub influence where the cats hang out, and it offers the cats some psychological security.

  3. I had an earless cat called Melanie. She lost them to skin cancer, as she was a sun-lover. If your cat loves to bask, it may be a good idea to put a dab of sunscreen on his/her ears — they’re pretty delicate. I wished we’d known to do so, but she was cute without the ears, nonetheless.

    1. Was Melanie white as well? My vet tells me that white cats are more proem to skin cancer, like fair-skinned people I suppose. The frost bite he had on his ears adds a bit to the risk, so I do try to keep him out of the sun in the summer.

      1. Yeah, she was white with black splodges.

        She also had a shortened tail, as it got slammed in a door (accidentally). She wasn’t the luckiest of cats!

  4. Meanwhile, if instead you’re canid-centric and should find yourself in historic Braddock PA, you can usually find at least several at The Brew Gentlemen. Hempenstein helped them when they needed to expand the place, so tell them I sent you.

  5. … I offered a free autographed copy of WEIT to any reader who visited the “cat pub” in Bristol …

    That’s great for the Brits, I suppose.

    But who’s a guy gotta shank on this side of the Atlantic to score some swag WEIT merch?

  6. There used to be a pub cat at the Seven Stars at Lincoln’s Inn, it had an ash tray for its water on the bar…

  7. My favorite cat eating place was a restaurant, not a bar. The Restaurant du Dragon, in the Rue du Dragon, near St-Germain-des-Pres in Paris.

    As I was eating, I watched the well-fed waitress setting a table. She went over to a side cupboard and opened the door to reveal a cat asleep on a pile of napkins. She carefully lifted the cat with one hand, picked up some napkins with the other, then gently replaced the cat, who did not even wake up. She then closed the cupboard and set a table with the napkins.

    That was back in the 70s. Alas, When I went back 25 or so years later to look for the restaurant, it had suffered the fate of many places in that neighborhood — It had been converted into a boutique selling hip clothes to teeny-boppers.

    So it goes….

    1. Cruel fate! If only they had bee a teeny-bopper boutique when you first went, & a cat nap restaurant when you went in your more maturescent state!

  8. That gus is one handsome feline. I too wish to kiss him all over his pretty white face! He’s gonna need a stick to beat off all the ladies.
    Yes it is important to protect the delicate ears of light-furred felines, as they are prone to sun burns and even skin cancer.

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