The world’s best boss

October 8, 2015 • 1:05 am

I suspect that this cartoon, sent to me by Matthew Cobb, expresses both his and my feelings. He’s overworked with lectures and writing; I’m largely done with the work I set myself in Dobrzyn and simply want to cuddle with the Furry Princess of Poland on this very cold morning. Would that bosses could be so understanding!

CQvn7iGUwAA4kuYThis is from lunarbaboon, whose site reveals precious few details about the man who draws it, save that he lives in Toronto.

16 thoughts on “The world’s best boss

  1. If Quincy, the cat who deigns to live with us, jumped on my lap and I dared to pick up a phone he would jump down and stalk off in a huff.

  2. Love it! I don’t like to disturb my kitties as they nap whether in my office chair, my lap or on top of the newspaper I’m reading. I just adjust accordingly. Cat people know who is the real boss. 🙂

  3. I have had a series of deadlines (is the Sun still shining?), one of which was really close. (A statistical expectation, I am sure. Not what I expected though. :-/)

    Now I have one week semi-off, and I feel like cuddling. So that <3-ly cartoon speaks for me.

  4. Have the exact same problem almost every morning. Fortunately I do not have to be anywhere and the cats seem to know this. Whether it is a delay in doing laundry, making the bed or getting more coffee, the indoor cat is responsible for not getting it done. Then go outside to the garage and get attacked again by bumper the semi-outdoor cat.

  5. It’s not at all unusual for my biggest technical challenge of the day to be typing with one hand because Baihu has gone to sleep on the other. Right now, he’s perched on my shoulder, so at least I have use of both hands….


  6. Professor Ceiling Cat is truly benevolent, for he has sent one of his own unto the unworthy.

    All hail Professor Ceiling Cat with divine milk! May he accept our holy anchovies and celestial tinned meat chunks in a bowl! 😀

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