Count the puppies

October 4, 2015 • 9:51 am

Okay, I’m doing this under duress imposed by reader Amy, who dared me to make a puppy post. And here’s one, inspired by the VCA Northwood Animal Hospital in Indiana.  The photo below shows litter of puppies. How many puppies in the pile? Answer at 1 pm Chicago time.



30 thoughts on “Count the puppies

  1. Assisted by my puppy-loving SO, I’m going with 10. She asks, ‘is the prize one of the puppies, please?’

  2. There seems to be an awful lot of enthusiasm for these little dogs! All puppies are cute which I suppose is why people buy rottweillers. But then they grow up.

    1. I never knew my dog as a little puppy but I suspect she was really, really cute. She is now 100 pounds and since she was a rescue dog found abandoned, I suspect she was bought as a cute puppy but abandoned once she grew.

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