Saturday: Hili dialogue

September 5, 2015 • 6:30 am

It’s already in the seventies (Fahrenheit) in Chicago, with the high temperatures set to brush 90• F today. But later in the week it will cool as we begin our inexorable slide into the Arctic winter. But as the Labor Day weekend begins, South Side residents will gather along the lake at Promontory Point to set up barbecues, swim in Lake Michigan, and enjoy a fine view of Chicago. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is acting out something he learned from Andrzej. I hope that nearly all of you will recognize what Andrzej read to Hili, but if you don’t, click here.

A: You were out again for half a day…
Hili: But you yourself read to me: “It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes…”
In Polish:
Ja: Znowu nie było cię przez pół dnia…
Hili: Sam mi czytałeś: “Jakże zajmujące jest spoglądanie na gęsto zarośnięty brzeg, pokryty roślinami należącymi do różnych gatunków, ze śpiewającym ptactwem w gąszczach…”

9 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. “It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes… Well, many birds less one …”

  2. You can really see how the Romantic period influenced Darwin with its emphasis on the buccolic. That line would fit well in something written by Blake or Shelley.

    1. He didn’t publish a lot of purple passages, but his first reaction to tropical forest in Brazil was another.

  3. If nature is a war, politics must be where the losers go.

    That heat mentioned for the Midwest continues today and tomorrow and then maybe will end.

  4. Yesterday’s weather was like that here — high in the 90s and down to the 70s first thing in the morning, but with “upper” prefaced before each temperature. And it’s back to the 100s / 80s, for at least another week…but at least it’s now “lower” prefacing those numbers!


    1. The humidity is what is driving me crazy. I’ve had migraines because of the unstable weather and the air just lets the rag weed pollen sit in the air to irritate all those who are allergic. This time of year is horrible for me but it used to be worse when I was more violently allergic. I just want the weather to break.

      1. Yeah…we’ve got much more than our average humidity, as is normal for this time of year. But it should dry out in a few weeks, and / or cool down enough to make for a loverly summertime.


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