19 thoughts on “Isaiah’s prophecy fullfilled: cats and birds lie down together

  1. The cat is thinking “I’ll just do some licking and take a taste now, I’ll eat later when I’m hungry”. 🐤🐈

  2. While the soft feel and chirps of the chick are similar to kitten-mates, I’m not sure that the chick has evolved any special reaction to being licked or groomed in that way. But I know less about chickens than cats.

    1. I was thinking it looks rather duckish.
      And I was thinking that dinosaurs and mammals don’t have a glorious history of cooperative rearing, and I suspect that the mammal’s “racial memory” will kick in at some point and deal with the threat of the dinosaur.

  3. I think the kitten is hoping that the chick will stop peeping if licked.

    “What’s wrong with you? Here let me lick you. Why are you still peeping? Here let me lick you some more.”

  4. I think Woody Allen’s line reflecting on Isaiah 11:6 is equally applicable here:

    The lion may lie down with the lamb — but, let’s face it, the lamb isn’t going to get a lot of sleep.

  5. Aww. So cute! I expect the kitten doesn’t know yet that the chick is supposed to be prey. It’s just a noisy companion for now!

  6. This is the sort of thing that happens when you make same-sex marriage legal – it’s a slippery slope and before you know it we have cross-species cuddling! 🙂

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