PSA and some more peregrinations

July 15, 2015 • 11:30 am

by Grania

Jerry will be leaving Arizona and is then on to New Mexico in a couple of days and will then be traveling through to Texas, specifically Austin and afterwards to Louisiana.

If you are in the area and want to meet up or visit with him, either leave a comment or drop him an email so that we can organize something.

Here are some photos sent on by Kenneth Howard of Jerry with Kelly Houle and Ben Goren at the house of Kelly’s parents in Dewey-Humboldt, AZ.







Finally, with some red rocks in Sedona AZ. I’m pretty sure we should try to caption this photo too. 😉


83 thoughts on “PSA and some more peregrinations

  1. The last photo reminds me of this dialogue:

    HASSLEIN (Eric Braeden): Now here’s a painting of a landscape. Now the artist who painted that picture says, “Something is missing. What is it? It is I myself who was a part of the landscape I painted.” So he mentally takes a step backward — or “regresses” — and paints a picture of the artist painting a picture of the landscape. And still something is missing. And that something is still his real self painting the second picture. So he “regresses” further and paints a third, a picture of the artlst painting a picture of the artist painting a picture of the landscape. And because something is still mlssing, he paints a fourth and a fifth… until he paints a picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist painting a landscape.

    BONDS (Bill Bonds): So infinite regression, then, is—

    HASSLEIN: It is the moment when our artist has regressed to the point of infinity, and himself becomes part of the landscape he painted and is both the observer and the observed.


          1. I’d never seen it Diana, and “that creeps me out,” was exactly what came into my head too!

            1. They look uncomfortable and painful and just creepy. Esther’s stuff is creepy. Dali also creeps me out. Those friggin’ melting clocks and weird stair cases!

              1. I just looked it up and Escher was a fellow left hander! I should have checked before posting. I love Escher’s and Dali’s art and a lot of surrealists. But they do present jarring or shocking juxtapositions. Makes you think!

          2. I’m hoping for a couple of days meeting in Den Haag in a couple of weeks, where there is a museum dedicated to Escher. But we’ve also got a loan exhibition of Escher material in Edinburgh somewhere too. While I’ll never claim to be a great follower of the arts, I’ve got time for Escher.

      1. I dug out my old (early 80s) print of ‘Drawing Hands’ recently and hung it on the wall next to my desk. A few days ago it fell down and the corner of the backing board broke off, so it’s on the floor now. I don’t know for sure, but wouldn’t be surprised if it fell when a cat tried to jump into the picture.

          1. Jerry is visiting Las Cruces, NM. He isn’t gong far enough north in the state to visit Taos or Santa Fe.

  2. The historical moment of photographing a Jackalope coming out of a Sedona spiritual vortex, only to be beamed on board a passing UFO…

  3. Great pictures, Sedona has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Pity Jerry did not come down to Tucson. I would have arranged a tour of the Multiple Mirror Telescope. My daughter is one of the resident scientists there.

    1. I saw the MMT in the early 90s before upgrade. They were aligning each mirrors with a HeNe. Beautiful mountain.

      I do not have any time to get out of work, but if Jerry pops through Santa Fe, the plaza is really fun to just walk through…old buildings and Georgia O’Keeffe museum and good food. And churches that one day may turn completely into what most European churches are turning into: architecturally suitable places for weddings and chamber music.

  4. Hey!! I didn’t know I could have hosted Jerry at my place!! Next time. TO misses Jerry Coyne!!

  5. Ooh, I love seeing what fellow commenters look like.

    Usually much as I imagine them, but without the capes, monocles, lorgnettes, top hats, and tiaras. So far.

    1. On the other hand, they might be in disguise. As soon as Jerry pulls out of their driveway, out come the capes and monocles.

            1. Ah — sorry. Missed that in the flood…the immortal power supply in the server room keeps committing suicide, taking email with it…lots of other things keeping me busy….

              Diane has it correct. “Bye who.”


              1. Thanks, Ben. Bye-who’s what I’d thunk:-), but I’ll bet he’d come to other pronunciations for tuna…

                Just dug 6 kitty puff balls out from under the ( upright) piano, plus one doggy rawhide. We had recently cleaned under/behind all pieces of furniture in search of the elusive cat toys, but had neglected to think of the piano until Carmen Dingle was pawing under it and “chirping.”
                She just proudly walked by with a rescued lime green one, looking for a new place to hide it.

              2. Cats take their toys with them to the alternate dimensions they visit. It’s the only logical explanation for how they all keep vanishing and reappearing….


              3. 90% of ours must have been sucked through a wormhole to one of the kitty dimensions because they don’t seem to reappear.
                When I told a friend I had found 5 kitty puffballs behind the puano, she thought I meant kittens!

    1. Jerry has a picture that I would have thought he would have posted by now…as to who I am…when I figure that out, I’ll let you know….


  6. I’d love to see Jerry as a guest on the Atheist Community of Austin’s show: The Atheist Experience!

  7. Any get together in New Mexico? That is, “anybody welcome” meet up at a restaurant, bar, or hiking trail?

  8. Rats! Once again, those of us in the PNW get shorted 😉 Probably something to do with that New Yorker article about the Cascadia subduction zone.

    1. Hey, the wife managed to trigger a little eruptionlet on Etna on Friday by walking up it (I’m innocent – I was under water at the time). Do you want me to send her over to put the ‘influence’ onto Cascadia?

        1. Going to have to wait a few … tens of millions of years for that. Probably less than a hundred million, given that the Puerto Rica trench is creating an edge defect at the mouth of the Caribbean.

  9. While Jerry’s in that neck of the desert he ought to follow in the big tire treads of Southwestern truckers and head “from Tucson to Tucumcari, from Tehachapi to Tonopah” — no Little Feat to be sure, but doable if you’re Willin’.

    Pro tip from Lowell George: careful when smuggling any smokes or folks from Mexico; keep the weed, whites, and wine stashed in the back. If you drive the back roads, you won’t get weighed.

    1. So it’s Tonopah?? I had always heard it as Torn Apart;-)) Love Linda Ronstadt’s version of that song.

  10. I live in San Antonio and Austin is easily my favorite city in Texas. I probably won’t have time to go there this weekend, but if you go tubing down the Comal River Saturday evening, you might run into me.

  11. Hi Jerry!

    We met at INR5. I host The Atheist Experience TV show. If you’re going to be in Austin on a Sunday and would like to take live calls, I’d love to have you on the show.

    In any case, if you need anything while you’re here (you can visit our cats, etc.) just let me know.

    -Matt Dillahunty

      1. Feel free to drop me an e-mail. If I’m around, I’ll be happy to take you to lunch or whatever you might need.

        sans.deity at gmail


  12. I would have loved to meet, but have left New Mexico for Durango, Colorado for several days, and as soon as I get back home, I leave again for a trip on Route 66. In September, I may be driving to Chicago.

    Enjoy New Mexico. Lots of great food and plenty of microbrews to go with it. It seems that a new brewpub opens in Albuquerque every couple of months. Santa Fe lags behind.

    1. I have a good picture of Baihu, but I want to put it in as one of several pictures in a general Arizona post. Baihu was nearly impossible to photograph because he hides when strangers come around. However, I have a good snap of him looking affronted when we trapped him in the laundry room.

  13. I’m in the midst of my busiest teaching period of the year, so can’t make it up to Austin, but if you’re driving through San Antonio, I might be able to meet up for lunch. Or perhaps breakfast tacos – the medical students’ day starts at the appalling late hour of 8:00 AM, which leaves a lot of perfectly good open time for early risers!

  14. I’m pretty sure we should try to caption this photo too

    Errr, how about “Table Mesa?”
    [Gets coat.]

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