Thursday: Hili Dialogue & bonus Leon Monologue

July 9, 2015 • 4:23 am

Good morning! Grania here again. Jerry is back on the road today on the next leg of his odyssey.

Today we have some cryptic cats, I suspect they are doing it on purpose. But then today is the day that the Enigma Key was broken back in 1941, so I guess it is particularly fitting.

Hili is a teensy bit obscure today or perhaps not obscure enough; but as they say, obscurum per obscurius, and never mind the critics for damnant quod non intellegunt.

Hili: Post coitum omne animal triste.
A: But you are spayed.
Hili: Yes but I’ve just screwed up on the  pounce.

In Polish:

Hili: Post coitum omne animal triste.
Ja: Przecież ty jesteś wysterylizowana.
Hili: Tak, ale spieprzyłam polowanie.

And as for Leon, all he has to say is:

Leon: Am I sufficiently mimetic now?

leon mimetic

As Bob Dylan once said, the answer is blowing in the wind, which was coincidentally recorded on this day back in 1962.


6 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili Dialogue & bonus Leon Monologue

  1. There’ll be another chance for a pounce before long, I’m sure. Besides, gotta leave some pouncees for the future…carnivores that’re too efficient are their own worst enemies — take it from an human, Hili…we’re the reason there aren’t any passenger pigeons for you to pounce upon….


  2. I remember the first time I saw a cat stalking a bird in a bush when I was a kid – I was quite unprepared for the way it leapt with legs outstretched. That cat looked a bit sheepish when the bird escaped too.

  3. But then today is the day that the Enigma Key was broken back in 1941

    Umm, no. It was the day that Enigma was cracked for a certain class of radio traffic relating to the German invasion of Russia.

    Enigma was never cracked all in one go. Different parts of the German military had different procedures relating to the generation, dissemination and usage of message keys that made the task of breaking the messages vary in difficulty. Generally the Luftwaffe was pretty bad with its security and the Kriegsmarine pretty good with the army somewhere in between.

    Also, all of the arms of the armed forces tightened up security during the course of the war. It was not uncommon for the British to crack the code only to have the method invalidated a bit later by a change in procedure on the German side. The Kriegsmarine also introduced a four rotor enigma during the war which effectively stopped the British from reading the U-boat traffic until the USA brought its superior production and manpower resources on board.

    Anyway, appropriately for this post, the first people to break any form of German military enigma were the Poles.

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