Wednesday: Hili Dialogue

July 1, 2015 • 4:02 am

Good morning everybody, Grania here again.

There are plenty of wheelings and dealing going on in the bipedal humanoid world today, but it’s a little disturbing when your four-footed companions appear to be watching the stock markets. Do they know something we don’t?

Cyrus: Do you know what the current value of gold bullion is?
Hili: No, I don’t, but the price of coal went down.

P1030020In Polish:

Cyrus: Wiesz jaki jest dziś kurs złota?
Hili: Nie wiem, ale ceny węgla poszły w dół.

And as a lagniappe, Leon came to visit. Hili is not At Home to visitors of the felid persuasion but the amiable Cyrus is, and it appears that there is some plotting and planning going on.

Leon: Cyrus, I came with a mission of peace. Let’s talk.

leon detente

leon one

14 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili Dialogue

  1. My friends whose poor cat just died, have now collected a new one from a cat shelter – Marcus Clawrelius! Poor lad has no teeth – he was a stray & there were problems that meant the vet had to remove them.

    1. Perhaps, but a leash provides the same sort of safe access to the outdoors to cats as it does to dogs.

      Much better that the cat should get to go on adventures on a leash than get run over by a car….


    2. Yes, Hili does look rather disgusted with the whole thing.

      Hili reminds me of my chow puppy Brandy when I was trying to get her used to a leash. Brandy would park her butt on the ground and refused to move, even straining against the leash. This went on for days.

      What finally worked was leading my other, older chow up on his leash. Brandy looked at him like, “What the Heck is wrong with you?” But she finally relented.

      1. That’s right: Fitness;-) Thanks for the update.
        We are currently doing a full-house furniture-moving vacuuming. Only two mousies and two crinkle-balls have shown up, out of more than a dozen. Do not know where the kitties “bury” them. Every few months or so they “unearth” one of the oldies, usually tossing them about on our bed in the middle of the night…

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