Reader’s wildlife photographs

July 1, 2015 • 9:00 am

We have only one reader’s photos today, and of course that reader is Stephen Barnard, whom I’ll be visiting shortly after July 4.  His notes are indented:

This is one of the Northern Harrier “chicks” [Circus cyaneus] from a nest across the creek from my house. It looks pretty much grown up and ready to fly.

I haven’t been doing much photography lately because the fishing has turned on.

It’s a tough life in Idaho!

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I also found three pictures of turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) that Stephen sent on May 1:




And two American goldfinches (Carduelis tristis):




13 thoughts on “Reader’s wildlife photographs

  1. That looks like Canada Thistle the goldfinch is on. If that’s right, is it as much a scourge in Idaho as here in PA? I’m currently battling a fairly large patch of it the old-fashioned way – by ripping it out. Over and over again.

    Diana – what do you call it in Canada?

    1. I just want to insert my nose here and say that I actually like the tall thistles of whatever species. They flower all summer, attract interesting insects, and they are admirably resilient. They are on my list of weeds that I will pardon in my garden.

  2. Wow those beaks are so different it’s almost as if their designer made them match their food!

  3. Great pictures. The goldfinches look like they are trying really hard to take off but can’t quite manage it.

  4. Those last three goldfinch photos remind me of my d*gs trying to fluff their dog beds into appropriate orientation. Go all around, fluff, fluff, middle is secure. I know the finch doesn’t behave the fluff ways of a d*g and the photos probably aren’t consecutive. Just reminded me of one of my infertile nesting ring-ringing d*gs.

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