Saturday: Hili Dialogue

June 27, 2015 • 4:53 am

Good morning, Grania here. Jerry has just headed off on the first leg of his Odyssey (also in search of coffee). He should be checking in daily to let us know where he is and what he is up to.

In Dobrzyn today, Hili and Andrzej have a discussion about religious feeling; but I think that Hili may not have come off best in the exchange.

Hili: Dogs have a sort of religious attitude toward sticks.
A: You could run a bit as well.
Hili: God forbid.


In Polish:

Hili: Psy mają jakiś religijny stosunek do patyków.
Ja: Też mogłabyś trochę pobiegać.
Hili: Niech Bóg broni.


And a lagniappe proving Hili to be a cat of Deep Thoughts:

Hili: School year has ended. Somebody has to eat these flowers.




4 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili Dialogue

  1. Cats look cute when they nom things, especially flowers. If they aren’t poisonous, I support Hili’s flower nomming ambitions!

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