Just a heads up: Jerry on Futureproof today

June 27, 2015 • 5:24 am

Jerry will be on Irish talk radio station Newstalk discussing his new book with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof @newstalkscience this morning 12-1 PM GMT.

That’s 6AM Chicago time, so I doubt our friends on the western side of the Atlantic will be out of bed yet, but they can catch up later.

Listen live here http://www.newstalk.com/player

UPDATE: the show is now available as a podcast. Jerry’s portions starts just over the half-way mark but the whole thing is pretty good fun to listen to. My favorite angry text message afterwards was the person who complained about Catholic-bashing,even though the word Catholic wasn’t mentioned once.

Podcast link

6 thoughts on “Just a heads up: Jerry on Futureproof today

    1. It’s live radio at the moment. Afterwards when it is archived as a podcast I will post a separate link.
      You may need to click on the Listen button as well once you get to the site.


  1. Auto-playing audio … closed the page as soon as the headache kicked in and before enough had downloaded to identify Jerry’s piece.

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