34 thoughts on “The Roadrunner bites the dust

    1. I recognised the style (even though I never watch Family Guy other than the station promos)


  1. Seth McFarlane is a comic genius. I’m glad he’s an atheist like the rest of us so we get to enjoy his godless humour.

    1. I’m sure there will be god-squaddies trying to get his work taken off air, put in the the Vatican’s “fun” library, etc.

  2. I watched it about a year ago, and yes, I always want him to eat that obnoxious bird. I’d like to see Sylvester munch down on Tweety too, and Tom to have some sauteed Jerry for lunch.

      1. No, I’m with you. I almost always want the villain to win these things. Perverse, that’s me. 😉


    1. Oh god yes, it always frustrated me that WEC gave up on each method just as he perfected it. I wanted that smug bird finished!

    1. And yet it was always Acme Corp that he was getting his items of Mass Destruction from.

      From Zenith to Nadir, what a career.

  3. I was once involved in a discussion of classic comedy teams, and people were mentioning Abbott and Constello, Hope & Crosby (the Road films), Jerry lewis & Dean Martin and I mentioned Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese and nobody knew who I was talking about.

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