Sunday: Hili dialogue

June 21, 2015 • 4:44 am

It’s the Lord’s Day, and to celebrate my visitor (an old friend’s son) and I are taking in a White Sox game: my annual baseball exposure. The weather looks good, too: a high of 88 degrees F and no rain. It’s also dry in Dobrzyn, endangering the cherries (and my chance for daily cherry pies in October!). Hili is prescient about the weather:

Hili: They need more rain.
A: They say it will rain tomorrow.
Hili: Humans are often mistaken.


In Poliah:
Hili: Potrzebują więcej deszczu.
Ja: Mówią, że jutro będzie padać.
Hili: Ludzie często się mylą.

19 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. It’s pouring outside right now in NY. I think it’s remnants of that tropical depression the streamed across Texas the other day.

  2. Fahrenheit? Is not time the US joined the rest of the world and go metric?

    Anybody think pounds and inches are sensible units?

    It is 21 C at quarter to ten here in the frozen north.

    Incidentally, Fahrenheit is also a ‘centigrade’ scale.

    1. You can’t force change on Americans (literally, they still have one dollar bills). We have come to see it as endearing. 🙂

        1. Sorry, but sometimes I use Fahrenheit rather than converting to Celsius, as that’s what the weather report gives, and I’d appreciate it if readers would not gripe about that, for crying out loud. Am I supposed to give our currency in Euro equivalents as well?

      1. We’ll go cashless entirely before we get rid of the dollar bill.

        A large part of the problem is the size of the coins. The traditional dollar coin is a big clunky beast, which made sense when a dollar was a significant chunk o’ change and there was a close correlation between the face value of the coin and the market value of its metal. And all the other coins are proportionally smaller, save for the anomaly of the dime being slightly smaller than the penny. The modern dollar coin, the Susan B Anthony, is about the same size as a quarter, which causes no end of confusion…and quarters are already big and bulky as these things go.

        If a five dollar coin were the size of a nickel, a dollar coin the size of a penny, a quarter the size of a dime and the other coins phased out of circulation, I could see abandoning the dollar bill. But a plan like that would never make it through the sociopolitical climate…just look at the howls of protest anytime somebody proposes phasing out the penny, and the shrieks of angst at the imagery of a shrinking dollar.

        I never get anything other than 20s from the bank / ATM. I preferentially spend smaller bills to get rid of the bulk. Any coins at the end of the day go in a plastic baggie…and, when the baggie gets full, it goes to the automatic coin sorter machine at the bank.

        But I mostly just use a debit card. And not even that much, actually, for online purchases…just a click of a button….


    2. I remember about a million years ago Michigan started putting km as well as miles on speed signs. It only lasted a few years then they timidly reverted back to miles. At the time is seemed obvious it would never work. For one thing, if you mix miles and kilometers you simply confuse and anger people. The only way to do it is to skip the half way measures, jump right into metric whole hog and cold turkey. It would not take long to figure out what 100 km/hr or 20 degrees C feels like. You just have to re-calibrate. Common people!
      The milk jug says: 1/2 gal (1.89L). What utter fools! Nobody wants to trade a simple fraction for a number with two places past the decimal. Do it right. How about: “This jug contains 2 liters” – period. What could be simpler?
      The U.S. will never change as long as they waffle on the issue.

      1. It’s happening, slowly. The standard soda container is a 2-liter bottle…though the standard soda can is still 12 ounces.

        (Do people still buy soda in cans? I seem to mostly see pint-sized or bigger bottles in people’s hands, and I’ve no clue what sort of standardization, if any, there is amongst such containers. And, come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of odd-shaped cans, too….)


          1. You joke about metric time…but I know a company that would dearly love to operate on metric time so they could compare, say, yesterday’s sales with the “same day three years ago.” Matching the day of the week, the calendar day, holidays, and preferably lunar cycles as well.

            No, I’ve not a clue what they think that sort of thing would tell them. I just know that I billed a fair amount of hours trying to make the calendar line up for them like that….


  3. Hope you enjoy the Sox game, Jerry.

    We saw them here in Pgh last week in an interleague game, then played them in Chicago. We (cough) swept them in both 2-game series.

    And for any other baseball fans out there, yeah, the Nats beats the Pirates twice in the current series, and Scherzer pitched a no-hitter yesterday – but we spoiled his Perfect Game in the final moments of the 9th inning.

    It’s first pitch for today’s game, so back to the TV (and)Tw**ter0 I go . . .

    (yes, I am wearing Pirates shirt in my avatar photo – taken at the epic 2013 Wild Card game)

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