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        1. Or perhaps Proof off heaven? 🙂

          I’m patiently (well not really) awaiting my copy to be delivered ^_^.

          1. Heave-ho heaven, hello hell. Nice one Jerry, good to see that delusionist Alexander the Late knocked off his perch. x

  1. Kindle edition! I need you to sign my Kindle. You can even draw a cat on it. Looking forward to reading it.

    Heaven, however, will have to wait.

    1. Not having one (that works), do newer versions of Kindles have a “paint” type app? I know Amazon did drift towards making them general purpose computing devices a few years ago, but I lost interest in them after seeing the quality of their PDF rendering engine and stopped reading the blurbs.

      1. Can’t answer that I’m afraid. My ‘kindle’ is an iPad app so few of the features of the real thing.

  2. I’m pleased to announce I received my copy just 10 minutes ago! I shall lock the door and read for the remainder of the week.

    1. Barnes & Noble, and I think Amazon, too, use UPS, so you may want to watch a different delivery spot.

    2. bummer. my poor postman* had mine sitting on the porch before lunch.

      *I say postMAN because he is one, not because I’m sexist (had a postwoman(?) most of my life, and I say ‘poor’ because he’s stuck delivering me heavy books quite a bit due to my insatiable online used book buying habit. perhaps I should take up something cheaper, like drugs.

  3. My pre-ordered copy should arrive in Switzerland between the 2th and the 4th of June, Amazon dixit. Transatlantic dispersal is a slow process…

    1. Mine arrived in Ticino on Tuesday, created ex nihilo, albeit in digital form. While my preference is for paper, bookcases are quite full in our home and my better half has been urging me to switch to kindle. The speed of digital dispersal is an advantage, I have to admit.

    2. My pre-ordered copy is predicted to arrive in the Netherlands on the 2nd of July. I would think that if it was being delivered by a carrier albatross from Chicago it would be here quicker.

      1. Release date is 25 June in the UK so it looks like us Euros are getting it a lot later than the US.

  4. I’m on page 117 and it reads magnificently. PCC, your studies of theology and philosophy have certainly paid off and shines through. The drilling down to details is intense. Every time I think “what about xxx”, I find it on the next page.

    The only ‘negative’ I see is the labeling of chapters. There are five chapters but each chapter has several sections. I would have used Part 1 through Part 5 and then labeled the subdivisions chapters 1 through 30 or whatever. (/end of nitpick)

  5. I’m delighted that tracking shows that my copy is out for delivery. Should have it by noon today. Thank you for all you do.

  6. My pre-ordered copy arrived in the mail from Powell’s in Portland, OR. yesterday. This morning I find it at the top of the charts, before I read the first page. Life is good in “Ceiling Cat” land.

  7. Having some background in logistics it looks like the publishers need some assistance. For a book coming out on a specific date world-wide they should be pre-positioning stock in the overseas areas to meet the release.

    I would suspect that Amazon release most of their early orders to UPS and possibly other carriers with instructions for delivery on that date. That is how you get books delivered to someone in the middle of nowhere, like me, on the 19th before noon.

    1. With Wordery (who ship free worldwide) it arrived on the day of (U.S.) publication, well ahead of the publicised UK publication date.

      I’m part way through Chapter 1.


      PS. No, I don’t have a stake in Wordery. But it’s often cheaper than Amazon. And when it’s not… well, it isn’t Amazon!

    2. Amazon didn’t ship my copy to NZ until Tuesday US time. The Kindle version isn’t available here. We can’t get WEIT on Kindle either.

      I could buy Harry Potter in my local bookstore in a very small town on the worldwide release date.

  8. Great read so far! Got the Kindle edition so I wouldn’t have to wait. Will be getting the paper version to add to my physical library of books I treasure.

  9. It’s already knocking faith down a couple steps. And pseudoscience at the same time. I love that that other author is the kind of person who really should know better.

    I’m only partway through Chapter 1 of Faith Versus Fact, but it’s been worth the wait!

    1. I just looked in the iBooks store – under “Top Charts” it’s no. 4 in the “Science & Nature” category. Nice!

  10. Well done, looks like it’s published in Ireland on the 25/06/2015 I buy from my local book shop so will have to wait.

  11. I got my copy on my kindle for PC on the 19th. The book is incredibly easy to read and a real page turner. I was up until 3am last night because I could not quit it. Uh, I need a nap.

  12. Bra-friggin-veaux. (That’s the plural, isn’t it?)

    Curious that print and Kindle are scored separately, tho. It’s the same Albatross. Seems like it would make a lot more sense to have just one listing with a breakdown of %print vs %electronic.

  13. Great news! Am buying a couple of extra copies for friends today. It warmed my heart to see Hili’s name in the dedication!

  14. I bought my kindle version of the book yesterday and am now secretly reading it at work instead of actually working. I’m ashamed, but the shame is made bearable by the simple expediency of blaming the enabler…PCC made me do it.

    1. His finest hour..
      we will fight them outside their churches,
      we will fight them.. pretty well anywhere you like,
      we will never surrender!

            1. Ever noticed that the repetitious ‘we shall never…’ bit uses virtually all Anglo-Saxon words? Except for ‘confidence’: and the payoff is the final romance word, ‘surrender’ – the subliminal association of giving up with a foreign idea. Clever rhetoric. x

  15. Jerry, will you be going on any science-oriented radio shows or podcasts to promote your book? Perhaps the subject is too “controversial” for such a mainstream show, but it would be great to hear you on Science Friday!

    1. “Can’t wait”

      My feeling exactly. Follow me to shipping office and we can watch for the right size package coming down the conveyor belt.

  16. Let’s hope an outside branch of progressive Xians is scooping up copies. Like Pinker’s work, the intellectually curious should be attracted to the title alone.

  17. Fantastic, and sounds like it’s richly deserved! I think it might retain that spot for a while yet too, by the grace of Ceiling Cat! Pbuh (peace be upon Hili)

  18. This is very exciting, congratulations! My pre-ordered copy arrived today from Amazon, I will start reading tonight.

  19. I’ve just finished a new book. Arrived on my iPad on Tuesday. It’s called ‘Faith versus Fact’.

    Have you heard of it? It’s very good.

    A book recommendation. There’s a new book out. Nick Lane’s ‘the Vital Question: Why Life the Way it is’. It was supposed to be released in July according to Amazon, but when I pre-ordered it, it immediately was delivered.

    So far, it’s very good, making a start to the question of how complex cells originated, and refuting Stephen Meyer’s claim in ‘Darwin’s Doubt’ that scientists can’t explain the origin of eukaryotes by random mutation and natural selection (strictly true, but that’s not the way scientists for years have postulated their origin).

  20. Doesn’t it bother you the fact that there is a “Science & Religion” section in Amazon.com? There is a reason why there is no section called “History & Gardening”!

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