Hiroko’s book on “Neko Shirt”

May 10, 2015 • 3:45 pm

Hiroko Kubota, a crack embroidery artist who made my beautiful Hili shirt, has now come out with a book of her creations called “Neko Shirt” (“neko” is Japanese for “cat”).  It’s available only from Amazon Japan, so unless you have a yen for it (LOL) you won’t be able to order it. (I, however, am getting one because the Hli shirt appears on pp 50-51.)

Perhaps some Japanese-speaking reader can translate the book’s description.


The Hili Shirt:


The Hilii Shirt with model:


You can see more of Hiroko’s creations here.

17 thoughts on “Hiroko’s book on “Neko Shirt”

  1. I’d love one of her shirts, but I’d be afraid to wear it. Worse, there’s little doubt but that the cat pictured over the pocket would perform all sorts of needlework on the shoulders….


  2. I think I said this before about that picture with Hili – she looks like she’s smiling for the photo and it is so cute!

  3. The Japanese says:
    ‘Cat embroidery’ (at the top)
    ‘Now becoming popular all over the world’
    ‘Revealing everything you want to know about hand-embroidered cat shirts’ (at the bottom)

      1. I must live in a different filter bubble. I didn’t notice a bread book. However, there was a chimp in a spacesuit and some people hanging from the ceiling upside-down like bats. (Among other things.)

        On the plus side, there was also the perfect response to those who cry “hate speech” at any opportunity: “If you find me offensive then I suggest that you quit f#@king finding me…”

        1. I wonder what’s lurking in your search history.. and why they showed me a strange bread book instead of astro-chimp and his bat-people crew.

            1. Wait.. I haven’t been searching bread, let alone bizarre Japanese bread!

              At least not that I’ll admit to on this forum.

        2. I didn’t get any of that. Got lots of animal pics and plants, nice looking people, artsy designs, one pic of a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger with tattoos.

  4. Translation of the description:
    The cat shirts embroidered by the embroidery artist hiroko are sent out into the world at a pace of one shirt a week. Based on a photograph sent by the person placing the order, each shirt features the embroidered face of a cat peeking out from the pocket.
    The degree of detail in the embroidery is such that it could be mistaken for a photograph. Although the artist is not known in Japan, there are already fakes with her name on them out there in circulation. This book shows many of the artist’s embroidered cat shirts, and also gives hints on how to make them. There is also a template for you to enjoy trying to make your own original embroidered object.

  5. Love the yawning grey kitten. Looks just like my Carmen Dingle ( though she rarely yawns – goes from full-speed to conked out in a matter of seconds).

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