My new shirt

June 16, 2014 • 4:14 am

Guess who?




I’ll be wearing this at a Big Event this fall.

I waited six months to even order this, from this shop at Etsy.  The artist, Hiroko Kobota, not only makes the shirt to your measurements (and uses your choice of material), but embroiders the cat of your choice in the pose of your choice (I of course chose the Furry Princess of Poland). I love the tail sticking out on the side.

Needless to say, since Hiroko’s work appeared on several internet sites, she’s swamped, so there’s a waiting list. She also embroiders other animals, including the kind that shall not be named. You can see more of Hiroko’s work here

28 thoughts on “My new shirt

    1. Smashing embroidery labors by Ms Kubota.

      Right down to the pinkness of the planum nasale’s epidermis layer and the cartilages of both ventral pinnae !

      Darling !

  1. Oooooh wonderful shirt! I love the paw sticking out. Now we just need a photo of you holding the original and you wearing the shirt.

  2. It’s missing but one vital accessory:

    Hair o’ th’ cat.

    The best-dressed fashionistas never leave home without at least a bit of hair from their overlords, so that all and sundry might know who owns them.

    Time for another Polish stamp on your passport, Jerry!



    1. Oooo, totally terrific query !

      Of what incredible integument beneath the denims will said boots be sculpted ? !


  3. Beautiful! The embroidery is exquisite and I can tell by looking at the stitching on the pocket what a fine seamstress the creator is.

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