Thursday: Hili dialogue

January 22, 2015 • 4:38 am

Although I do have my concerns about Ms. Hili’s pulchritude, I am with Malgorzata on this one, as she wrote me this email yesterday evening:

Do not be shocked by tomorrow’s picture of Hili. She looks as if she were morbidly obese. She isn’t. Naughty Andrzej tried to take the worst possible picture of her and he managed to. He is very pleased with himself but both Hili and I are outraged.

I fear that Andrzej’s love of d*gs is leading him down some dark paths. Here is the infamous photograph and an equally nefarious dialogue:

A: The truth is you’ve put on weight, my dear.
Hili: The truth is the photographer is spiteful.

P1020204 (1)

In Polish:
Ja: Prawda jest taka, że przytyłaś, moja droga.
Hili: Prawda jest taka, że fotograf jest wredny.

14 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

  1. I had to get new work ID this week. I look like portly with the way the light is. I also got my renewed driver’s licence & compared to the picture from 5 years ago, you can see the decrepitude.

  2. Poor Hili! It can be difficult to stay trim, and the camera(man) can be so cruel.

    Though from yesterday’s Dialogue photo, I was going to say that perhaps Hili would do well to share some of Cyrus’ (and all d*gs’) enthusiasm for walkies.

  3. Hili is an aviator, unbeknownst to us. She’s NOT obese; she just has a lot of vital loose skin.

    Here’s something I recently learned on the cat-doc “The Lion in Your Living” which was aired on The Nature of Things (hosted by the amazing Dr. David Suzuki. All that loose, ‘flabby’ skin on cats helps to protect them when they jump/fall from great heights. It serves somewhat like a built in parachute!

    1. I find it hard to believe that. Maybe it’s a byproduct of their loose skin, but selection pressures to have looser skin would be very weak in ancestral cats. I find it easier to believe that, if loose skin was an adaptation, it evolved so that the animal could turn around more easily when attacked to defend itself.

    1. “Cats sit fat and walk thin.” Where did that come from?? I remember it, but not sure from where. Always loved it.

      Hili looks like how most of us look in dept. store mirrors trying on bathing suits:-(

      Driver’s license pix are the worst!! I look like some kind of Mafia moll in my latest. Veritably pasty, and I always have rosy cheeks in “real life.”

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