A militant atheist

July 13, 2014 • 12:53 pm

This is the image that faitheists, accommodationists, and believers have when it comes to Our Own Satan. It was produced by Ben Goren, who calls it “Richard Dawkins, Militant Atheist,” who sent it with the note:

The opening sentence of that execrable bit of nonsense by Nury Vittachi that you’ve got as the top post right now inspired me to fire up the ‘Shop.


I”m sure you’ve seen the original of this meme.






I’m sure you’ve seen the meme.

30 thoughts on “A militant atheist

  1. Up to now I was blissfully ignorant of Holly Lobby Hobby obbidy-babobbidiby. It reminds me of the day I was ambushed in an email with a clip of that Fuck Fynasty — err, Duck Dynasty tv show. There is a lotta stuff I prefer not to know about. Funny photo-shop, though..

  2. If the hair was removed & replaced with Dawkins’s hair, the picture would be less creepy and people might get the point quicker. I can’t stand seeing Dawkins with female hair (though I’m not quite sure why)!

    1. I thought briefly about keeping Richard’s original hair, but quickly decided it wasn’t nearly worth it to reconstruct the shoulders and shirt. After that, I figured that a bit of creepiness and making people take a moment to figure out what was going on was probably a good thing.

      For those who’re interested, here’s the source image for him I used:




    2. If Lala Ward (Dawkin’s wife, and an ex-actress) is reading, there are some very creepy follow ons from that, if she’s still got her grease paint and wig-mountain.

        1. Well, as somebody who’s completely agnostic about hockey, I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

          …unless hockey agnosticism is itself a problem…?


          1. “…unless hockey agnosticism is itself a problem…?”

            It’s probably a felony!

            Great job, Ben! And I love the Canadian version.

  3. That’s right, and don’t you forget it! How much longer are we going to allow the atheist in your town to bully everyone into completely abandoning their religion? How much longer are we going to allow the atheist in your town to perpetrate all manner of well-armed thuggery? Do you realize that because of these violent atheists, I can’t even force my immigrant-from-India neighbors’ children to pray to Jeezus when they go to school?!

  4. Dawkins is, in my opinion, good looking, and Holly is not unatractive, but ugh, what a monstrosity together. Cochino.

    1. Dawkins is, in my opinion, good looking, and Holly is not unatractive, but ugh, what a monstrosity together

      Ah, I take it that you recognise the gun-toting mammaries and hair? And here was I hoping that Ben had Photoshopped onto a base picture of Sarah Palin. Just to lay the insults on with a trowel and quick-setting glue.
      One of the benefits of not being American is that we can let things like Palin fade into history. Most of the time.
      what are the odds of there being sites dedicated to Palin-porn. Even without invoking Rule 38, I’d say it was a certainty.
      There is. Lots. I’m still not surprised, but she’ll need to clean the gun after doing some of those things.
      This is relatively polite.

  5. Meanwhile, from the other side of Mr. Goren’s mouth emerge non-militant, non-atheist, foamy exhortations to bomb and invade their occupied neighbor.

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