Monday: Hili dialogue

July 14, 2014 • 3:05 am

A week from today I will be visiting the Furry Princess of Poland and, of course, her staff. Fortuitiously, my visit will coincide with the beginning of the cherry harvest in Dobrzyn, so I expect I will eat more cherry pie in a week than I have over the last several years. I’m also bringing my Hili shirt so we can check its resemblance to Her Majesty.

And yay! The Feline Navel of the World is waiting for me:

A: Are you asleep?
Hili: No, I’m counting.
A: What are you counting?
Hili: The number of days before Jerry comes.

(Jerry: Only seven, Hili!)


In Polish:

Ja: Śpisz?
Hili: Nie, liczę.
Ja: Co liczysz?
Hili: Ile jeszcze dni pozostało do przyjazdu Jerrego.


8 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

  1. Cherry harvest, fuelled by cherry pie?
    You’ll have to fulfil the contract implicit in a cherry, and scatter the stones far and wide. But you’ll be needing a walk anyway.
    Trying to remember American mythology. Jerry Cherryseed?

      1. Well, I’ll be Bowdlerised! I did think it was a myth. I vaguely remember it from a children’s picture/ story book when I was learning to read, and just classed it with Peter, Jane and Pat the D*g as a product of Ladybird’s fervid imagination.

  2. I suspect that there is a connection between lack of belief in a deity and a love of all things feline. I haven’t done the proper field research yet, but if my hypothesis is confirmed, I’m thinking of referring to this phenomenon as the moggie corollary.

  3. Our cherry season is going strong here in Washington. Rainier cherries and Bings…both outstanding. The “sour” cherries that we use for pies are not here yet 🙁 So I guess you’ll have to eat a slice for me as well.

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