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  1. Oh man, an Argentine goal disqualified for offsides. The Germans are largely controlling the ball, but they’re playing dirty!

    Great save by the Argentine keeper.

    Messi is not holding back.

    1. You don’t feel the hit on Kramer was dirty? Me thinks you have “my team bias”.

      I think hockey games are cleaner than this.

  2. This isn’t the Argentine that played against the Netherlands, they look much more eager!

    Ooh, another oppurtunity for Argentina just now. Good match so far.

  3. I am pleasantly surprised. Argentina is at least holding their own, if not besting Germany. But Germany tends to get stronger as a game progresses.

    1. I see a much different game than you, Germany attacks, attacks and attacks, Argentina gets a chance, rinse, repeat.

      1. Germany is winning on possession, but Argentina has had more good goal opportunities. And they just had another one!

    1. He has a concussion undoubtedly. FIFA should have a protocol for this sort of thing like football and hockey do.

  4. I have to laugh every time the announcer (I’m listening in Spanish) says “Schweinsteiger,” because in German that means “He who climbs on a pig.”

    Another great save by Romero. Offside German.

    1. From what I understand, (I’ll check it later) the name most likely originated from meaning literally “person who lives in a pigsty” — no doubt meaning a converted pig sty. Bayern also have a Badstuber — person who lives in the bath house.

          1. Haha! At least it’s not another animal that is either a Schwein or Kuh that we have to learn!

            1. Let alone one which only poops monthly…
              Poor Schweinsteiger was certainly down a lot. How many wete dives?

              1. I don’t think anyone dived…anyone that got hurt really did get hurt and Schweinsteiger was bleeding. Those guys need to cut their nails better! 🙂

              2. Schweinstiger was punched in the head once, I would say that one in Extra Time before Messi’s kick he didn’t need to go down, but the rest were legitimate

    2. Yes, it´s a joke in Germany, too. But originally, what it means is that he hails from the “Schweinsteig”, a path the pigs are being led through. In Bavaria, if you live at the Schweinsteig, you´re being called the Schweinsteiger.

    1. They keep referring to Messi as “little Messi” on CBC. Is that really necessary to add “little”? He’s not that little!

      1. In Germany, everybody watching the game with me agreed that there wouldn´t be a penalty shootout. Both teams were extremely disciplined, and what usually happens is that the offense will always run after every ball, while it is a lot more challenging to react and chase people. Of course, nobody felt confident enough to predict which team would score.

          1. I thought of you last night, Diana, when I had to change the tp in our Moab rental house. Did you sneak in and install it wrong?


      1. Great game, though I was rooting for Argentina. We watched in a sports bar(McStiff’s) in Moab, Utah, surrounded by Germany fans, many of them German. One German guy was yelling so loud I wanted to mutter Yo Mama ( deine Mutti?) but restrained myself:-)

        Typo ergo sum Merilee


  6. Yay Germany! They deserved it. They played better and had fewer tatoos, not that there is any correlation, but it does not take any effort to get a tatoo.

    1. GUESSING???? I am sure his prediction was based on keen insight, intense study and sheer brilliance.

  7. I understand that most of the commenters have been rooting for Argentina. And I agree in so far that Messi is the best player in the world, plus it is sad indeed that the wonderful Di Maria couldn´t play the final. Still, I think that Germany was the best team of this World Cup (as good as Argentina played in the final; the previous games weren´t exactly mesmerizing). As a German, I´m just happy that our golden Generation finally won a title, after dying in beauty the last 3 tournaments.

    1. Messi might be the best player in the world, but IMHO he did not deserve the golden ball. It should have gone to Klose or Muller. You are too polite to say that Argentina’s previous games were not mesmerizing; they were outright boring scoreless matches. Yawn. Congrats Germany, the only team that truly deserved this Championship.

      1. Neymar or Robben would have been better choices, I am biased against Muller because they had so many shooters.

  8. It was a good game, much better than the dirty foul-fested hell of the last final. But as someone rooting for Argentina, I had the impression that Messi was too tired. German had an easy game against Brazil and an extra day of rest whereas Argentinians ran much longer against the Dutch. Oh well, it’s a well deserved victory for the Germans.

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