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July 9, 2014 • 4:37 am

Well, today’s another day, and perhaps one team won’t be as humiliated as Brazil was yesterday, losing 7-1 to Germany. It was a debacle; Germany played wonderfully, with precision passing and great teamwork; Brazil fell apart on defense, seeming to run around like a bunch of headless and clueless chickens. I’m sure there’s a lot of recrimination in Brazil today, and I wonder if they’ll fire Scolari as coach.  The New York Times analyzes the game:

Everyone knew it would be difficult for Brazil without the injured star Neymar and the suspended captain, Thiago Silva, but nobody imagined this feeble capitulation — four goals surrendered to Germany in six minutes during a 7-1 rout in a World Cup semifinal. Early on, Brazil’s players bickered, lost their cool, then lost their fight. The country of the beautiful game was left to face a grotesque humiliation.

. . . “We ask for forgiveness,” Scolari said.

Everything was lost for Brazil on Tuesday, even the World Cup scoring record, once held by Ronaldo, now in the possession of Germany’s Miroslav Klose, with 16 career goals.

Not since Ronaldo’s unexplained malaise in the hours before a 3-0 loss to host France in the 1998 World Cup final — a panic attack? a seizure? — had Brazil encountered such baffling incapability.

. . . It might only get worse for Brazil. Its archrival, Argentina, will play in a semifinal on Wednesday. If it defeats the Netherlands, it could win the World Cup on Sunday at the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the cathedral of Brazilian soccer.

But that is something to consider later. On Tuesday, the pain was raw and immediate. Even Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s president, felt it necessary to post her sadness on Twitter.

“I am immensely sorry for all of us,” she wrote.

But today’s another day, and another game. This should be a good one, and of course I’ll be watching. Whoever wins, though, is going to face some stuff competition if Germany plays on Sunday as precisely and cooly as it did yesterday:

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 6.13.05 AM


Click on the screenshots below to see the highlights of yesterday’s game

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 6.20.35 AM

And, in Brazil (from a tw**t):

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 6.35.20 AM


Reader Steve sent me a few more memes:

Brazil Lost by this much

Oh Christ!

Brazilian Merkel

Apparently Neymar advertised 7-Up, but this may be a PhotoShop job. If not, it’s doubly hilarious:

Neymar 7-up


Finally, there’s a nice animated Google Doodle about footie—with an ant referee! Click to go to the animation:

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 6.14.31 AM


28 thoughts on “Today’s footie

  1. Absolutely, Scolari will be fired. In fact, he should have presented his resignation already just like Prandelli did for Italy. The fact of matter is that Scolari was brought in because of his past credentials. However, before taking over, in the last five years he had accumulated failures on the top of failures. The strategy adopted by those crooks that manage the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) was to lazily not clear analyze the performance of other coaches and brainlessly choose someone with a good history.
    This turned out to be a good end to the arrogance and excessive patriotism of Scolari’s team (staff and players).

  2. . . . It might only get worse for Brazil. Its archrival, Argentina, will play in a semifinal on Wednesday. If it defeats the Netherlands, it could win the World Cup on Sunday at the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the cathedral of Brazilian soccer.

    Maybe, but after yesterday’s performance, I have to think Germany is favored to win the whole thing now. ‘Course I don’t know football from a hole in the ground, so maybe I’m wrong about that.

    1. The Holland-Spain match earlier was a similar wild lopsided disaster, with the reigning world champion Spain the shamed victim. There is as much reason to favor Holland as to favor Germany.

      1. I’ve been thinking that Netherlands were in with a great chance after their Spain match. Not so sure now, although Spain were no way as bad as Brazil were…

  3. It was indeed staggering, and has I suspect overnight changed the “standard” view of Brazilian football, where people have an idealised view of the team based on 1970 and 1982, ignoring the fact that they mostly play standard south american kick-and-dive football.

    When your team are playing well and stuffing their opponents:

    Before – “Its like watching Brazil” at your own team.

    After -“Are you Brazil in disguise?” at your opponents.

  4. We witnessed one of the most amazing games ever, and the demise of the reputation of the Brazilian team as invincible.
    Nothing lasts forever – and this is football evolution in action!

  5. Come on Everybody from England know the comment from Gary Lineker, “The World Cup ..were a lot of Football teams run around for a bit and Germany goes home with a trophy”*
    *This may be inaccurate but you get the gist.

  6. The score could have been much different. Germany passed up or missed quite a number of scoring opportunities, apparently out of pity. For example, that highlight video does not show the missed German opportunity that led to Brasil’s lone goal.

  7. Looks like Germany will end their quarter century barren spell at the World Cup. Whoever they face in the final, they should be favorites. They are better than the Netherlands almost to a man, and Joachim Low will have a plan for Messi.

    Of course, I had Brazil giving Germany a game, so what do I know.

  8. I knew Brazil would have a tough game and a good chance of losing, and though I would not have minded Brazil winning, at this stage I do not have a horse in the race. But this horrendous defeat was sickening to watch! If they had lost 1-2 after 90 minutes of great soccer, it would be different. I feel for the Brazilian players. The Germans were also very classy winners once the final whistle blew, they weren’t making a big show.

    Germany vs. Argentina for me please! Robben has turned me off Netherlands for good.

  9. . . . It might only get worse for Brazil. Its archrival, Argentina, will play in a semifinal on Wednesday. If it defeats the Netherlands, it could win the World Cup on Sunday at the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the cathedral of Brazilian soccer.

    How about this: Argentina loses to the Netherlands, and Brazil will be forced to play for 3rd/4th place against the archrival. In Brasilia, of all places.

    Of course that would mean a rerun of the 1974 World Cup final between Germany and the Netherlands, something I am not looking forward to. The Dutch are definitely not mature enough for that yet.

  10. “I wonder if they’ll fire Scolari as coach.”

    I don’t see how he can survive. Coaches have been fired for very much less reason than this, or no real reason at all. I don’t know whether to blame Scolari or the players, or both, but the coach is ultimately responsible.

    This result doesn’t mean that the Cup is the Germans’ for the taking. The final is a whole new game.

  11. Scolari’s contract end after the world cup. Sure, CBF will call another coach to Brazil. They will call other person, sure.

    Brazil’s failures can be spotted since the first game on this world cup. There is big space without any brazilian player in the midfield.

    That was not the only reason, but as a brazilian it was embarassing to watch this team playing the world cup in the way they did

  12. To quote Sepp Herberger: “Der Ball ist rund und das Spiel dauert 90 Minuten.”
    The ball is round and the game takes 90 minutes.

  13. I know the esteemed host wants Argentinia to win, but since I tipped Netherlands – Germany for the finals (but after someone else did), I can’t help but to root for the dutch.

  14. Having watched about twenty games this World Cup I do get a sense that some teams think they deserve more than they are worth.

    Empirically I found the European teams to be more realistic. Argentina, also tends to be firmly fixed in reality. But I have gotten the sense that some teams rely heavily on the attitude that their status is deserved and that that status provides them with some kind of advantage. This is wholly incongruous with mature, elite athletes.

    You work hard, focus, and make it happen. It takes courage to win, not faith or privilege, which is what I have seen with some of the teams.

  15. Brazil capitulated more than any other factor.
    Germany did not outplay a Brazil team that played their best football or even near to it.

    Most of the goals where due to Brazil’s defensive errors and total lost of nerves, confidence and gumption.

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