Wednesday: Hili dialogue

July 9, 2014 • 2:36 am

Hump day, and the last day of the World Cup semifinals! Meanwhile, Hili is quoting Isaiah and she and Cyrus are squabbling like an old married couple. As Malgozata said, “Hili has discovered the Bible recently and thinks it is hilarious.”

Hili: And a little cat shall lead you…
Cyrus: If you are going to talk so much I will bite your tail.


In Polish:

Hili: I kot będzie cię prowadzić…
Cyrus: Jak będziesz tyle gadać to ugryzę cię w ogon.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. Tony Attwood (a Professor of Psychology at an Australian university – but British in fact)is one of the acknowledged world experts on autism, and in particular on Asperger’s Syndrome (Newton, Mozart, Jefferson, Einstein, etc.). I quote him: “Cats are autistic dogs”. This is often misquoted as “Cats are dogs with Asperger’s”.

    I have Asperger’s and agree with him entirely.

      1. Oh no. It’s more about the personalities of cats, as opposed to dogs. Just take this (very small) example. Humans are a social species and need interaction with each other. If you imagine that each of us carries around an invisible bucket of empathy that we need to give away each day and refill with new empathy. Unless we succeed we become dissatisfied, even depressed. We need all that ‘positive stroking’ each day.

        Well, it’s just the same for someone with Asperger’s, except that, instead of a bucket, they carry a coffee mug. Easy to fill up, but seemingly not so much to share.

        Dogs usually seek almost constant affection; cats seem completely satisfied with much less – and it all has to be exactly on their terms.

        I think the analogy centres around this.

  2. Hili’s tail definitely looking like she is on alert, and not quite sure she should trust Cyrus yet.

    1. Her tail could just be mid-swish. Her left ear is focused on Cyrus…but, even if she’s unsure abut him, she’s certainly giving him the benefit of the doubt. No cat is going to walk less than a body length in front of an untrusted dog.

      They might not be friends, but they’re certainly not enemies. And I don’t think it’s much longer before they are friends.


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