Interspecific love?

July 3, 2014 • 2:27 pm

Tomorrow’s a holiday in the U.S.: Independence Day. But Professor Ceiling Cat must polish up his book for submission on July 9, and until then there will be no rest for the professorial felid.

But to get the holiday started on the right foot for those Americans with normal lives, let’s have . . . a CAT.  And a SQUIRREL, too!

What’s going on here?

h/t: Andrzej

22 thoughts on “Interspecific love?

  1. That is really bizarre. It really does look like play. I struggle to make out any of what the accents are saying, but I don’t hear anything about recognising the sqrl, which makes previous co-habitation between cat and sqrl unlikely.
    Sqrl seems to be playing with the poor cat’s severely denuded tail (“denuded” by sqrl standards, not cat standards), as if it’s perplexed by what it thinks is a sqrl, but with a peculiar tail. That argues for previous contact between these two individuals. But it’s still bizarre.

  2. There’s always the old song’s exhortations, which was the first thing I thought of on seeing this post’s title. That’s the song that bodes badly for wallabies. Unsurprisingly, the Hash House Harriers know it ; surprisingly the Seoul HHH managed to document a couple of hundred verses before getting bored. Or cramped. Or skinning up. I’ll not try to linkify it, because most people will not really want to click through. Just think of the wallaby.

    1. Just think of the wallaby.

      …I thought one is supposed to think of England in such situations? Or is “The Wallaby” yet another nickname for England…?


      1. Modesty … (I check the dictionary) … would burden ProfCC’s inbox unduly. So I shall leave the exercise of determining the correct hole of a mole for the student to complete in their own time. and with the mole’s informed consent, and lubrication.

  3. That looks like one confused cat. It seems to be presenting to be mounted for copulation at one point. The squirrel is playing, but the cat seems to be expecting a little more commitment!

    1. I wondered of something made it deranged nut I was tired and couldn’t find the words. Me bed. Tired we good. Cheesecake. Smooth. Water. Banjo.

  4. I can’t find any posts saying what Professor Ceiling Cat’s new book is about. Either I missed the announcement, or He is deliberately keeping us all in the dark for the sake of his own divine, sadistic pleasure. If it’s the latter, I think we should all place bets (or at least vote) on what the subject of the book is; it would be fun to tally up the results just before the book’s release. If it’s the former (and the subject of the book isn’t a secret), I hope some generous soul might deign to enlighten the curious masses.

  5. From the comments I would guess two domesticates, that are getting used to each other with the squirrel and its owner as invited “family”.

  6. I’ve always wondered why cats consider squirrels prey. Squirrels have incredibly sharp claws–sharper than cats by far. You’d think (feral) cats would go after easier suppers.

    1. It’s small, it moves. As far as I know cats, that can be quite enough to trigger the hunting instinct.

      Googling “cat catches squirrel” returns more than enough results to think that it is not uncommon at all. I guess it depends on the skill of the cat.

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