It’s Friday and I’m knackered

June 27, 2014 • 2:09 pm

To celebrate the completion of my 2.5-year project, I’m putting up a gazillion pictures of cats, and then I’m going home to eat a nice dinner and drink a fancy bottle of wine. Tomorrow I’ll be missing footie because I’m going to the Cubs/Nationals game.

Here are kittehs:





Lemme in! It’s raining!





I can haz!



Stupidest moggie ever!


Cutest moggie ever:enhanced-23752-1396643152-1



For Oskar, the German cat:


17 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’m knackered

  1. Hmm… The Cubs play the Brewers in August. If I was a sports fan I’d make something out of that.

  2. I’m celebrating tonight as well, I’ll drink a toast to you and your book too. (and perhaps a toast to Oskar the German cat.)

  3. …you do realize, of course, don’t you, that with a set-up like that, you’re going to have to report on the meal and the wine?

    Even if it is “merely” cheezeburger that you can haz!


  4. Congratulations on being knackered for a good reason, Jerry.

    BTW, I just arrived home from my stay in Chicago for the last 4 days. In planning a trip for my son (a fellow foodie) and me, I went with Chicago over New York after you opined that Chicago was the better eatin’ city. That’s all I needed to tip the scales.

    Chicago was fantastic in every way, and I certainly had some memorable meals.



  5. Posting a gazillion pictures of cats, having a nice dinner and a fancy bottle of wine. Sounds like the perfect evening to me 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Hope your meal & wine were superb! Can’t wait to read the book!

    I also hope that you’ll post something about the ol’ ball game.

    (Remember–in addition to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” they’re gonna do “God Bless America,” too. OOPS! Sorry to ruin the mood!)

  7. Congrats Jerry!

    Now you are feeding my voracious curiosity, what book was born with a long labor like that!? (And will it spin off a companion site from WEIT?) I’ll stay tuned…

  8. About the cat in the hangers, one of my friend’s cats (a rescue) does that. It is where she prefers to sleep or hide if there are any loud noises. It was amusing to see the first time; but when we regularly found the cat in the closet we made a more permanent hanger hammock with leather strips and a dozen hangers.

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