Saturday: Hili dialogue

June 28, 2014 • 3:39 am
Cyrus speaks!
Hili: If you have to stare at me, do it so that I can see you, too.
Cyrus: I like you from any angle.
In Polish
Hili: Jak już musisz na mnie patrzeć, to rób to tak, żebym ja ciebie też widziała.
Cyrus: Ja cię lubię z każdej strony.


6 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. I have just been in contact with Cyrus telepathically, he says he was misquoted. What he really said was “I have a cunning plan to dispatch Fitness.”

  2. Have Andrzej and Malgorzata tried intermingling their scents? I mean, the scents of Hili and Cyrus. We used to rub our hands over the cats and let the dogs get a good sniff, and then we would rub our hands all over the dogs and rub the scent all over the cats. It seemed to help, but I can’t say for sure it would for you guys. Have you tried allowing Cyrus to get a good sniff of Hili? Dogs can’t seem to help themselves; they just wanna. You might have to muzzle him first, if you’re concerned.

  3. The development is very positive here. They were sniffing at each other nose to nose, Hili is not afraid anymore (though she keeps her distance from Cyrus) and Cyrus is no longer so very excited when they are in the same room. A few more weeks (maybe months) and they will be friends for life.

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