World Cup contest: guess the final game and score

June 15, 2014 • 6:07 am

There seem to be a lot of football experts, self-styled or otherwise, on this site, so here’s the chance to show off your knowledge and get a prize.

The contest:

Guess the two teams who will play in the final World Cup match, the victor, and the score

Deadline for entering:  Tomorrow, Monday June 16, 5 p.m. Chicago time.

The prize:  An autographed copy of WEIT, with a special drawing of a cat playing football wearing your team’s colors.

Roolz:  One guess only per person. In case of a tie, the first correct entry wins. If nobody gets the final teams and the score, the winner will be the first person to correctly guess the two teams and the winner. If nobody gets even that, then nobody wins, and you’re a bunch of n00bs.


155 thoughts on “World Cup contest: guess the final game and score

      1. Very close to my thinking, only I think the victory margin will be closer:
        Netherlands def Brazil 1-0

      2. Everyone will make sure Robben is out of the game now… they will be lucky to go so far. I hope so though…

    1. I think that the Slitherpuffs have got injury problems & will be lucky to make it beyong the quarter finals!

    1. serious guess –
      Germany 3. Belgium 1 (which may be just as likely, but I was going for a combo that hasn’t been picked yet.)

  1. Brazil 1 – Argentina 3.

    Reminder, today after Messi’s magic is the turn of Ginobili’s magic along our preferred NBA coach and his guys going for the championshimp against the Heat!

  2. I will take Argentina over Brazil. A popular choice so I will take the score 2-2 aet – Argentina wins on penalties.

      1. Hehehe!
        I’m looking forward to that game, I have a friend in Noord-Holland and exchanging texts and tweets is always fun during a game.

  3. “Football is a simple game. Twenty – two men chase a ball for 90 minutes

    and at the end,
    the Germans always win.”
    — Gary Lineker

    Germany @ 3 over Argentina with 2


          1. A lot of my Dutch relatives like Marmite. But then, as a nation, they are crazy for licorice, or ‘drop’, both the sweet and salty varieties – and many varieties of both. I’m very fond of the salty stuff, but my wife says it tastes like one has been licking an old car tyre for 10 minutes. Like Marmite, it’s an acquired taste.

    1. I just spotted someone else went for the same result & score above so I’m changing to Brazil 3 – 3 Spain. Then Brazil win on penalties. Am I allowed to change?

  4. Jerry – could the cats be dressed as the philosophers of the winning country, (and in that country’s football colors, of course)?

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but several pairings that have been selected for the final are not possible:

    Brazil vs. Netherlands, Spain, or Colombia
    Germany vs. Argentina
    Italy vs. Netherlands
    Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

    1. All those are possible except perhaps Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. If Brazil win Group A. they would play the second place from Group B – which includes ESP and NED. But the winner of Group B is on the opposite side of the bracket from the winner of Group A. If Colombia finish second in Group C, they are also on the opposite side of the bracket from Brazil.

      Same is true for the other two pairings you said are not possible. If GER and ARG win their groups (F&G), they are in opposite brackets. If ITA and NED win their groups (B&D), they are in the same bracket. If one finishes second and the other first, they are in opposite brackets.

    2. You are quite right. Aneris graphic (see 41) is very helpfull to determine possible final-setups.

        1. Actually, I am right. The Aneris graphic is confusing. It is not set up like a bracket. If Brazil wins its group and reaches the semifinal, its semi is W57 (which would be Brazil) versus W58 – which is not the team feeding up from the bracket below Brazil. It is the team from the bracket opposite Brazil. The team from the bracket below Brazil is W59 which is in the opposite semifinal.

          1. One thing to keep in mind is that two teams from the same group cannot meet again until the Final. Given this division, any Final matchup is possible at the beginning of the WC.

              1. Actually this happened once. In the European Championship 1988 The Netherlands lost their first match against the Soviet Union 1-0. Both teams met again in the final where the Dutch won 2-0.
                And yes, you are right. Aneris graphic is confusing.

              2. Back in 1988, the UEFA championship had only 8 teams (two groups of four) – so high probability of a rematch. In 2016, UEFA is going from 16 to 24 so some third place teams will make it through. So there will be a chance of a group rematch before the final. Not sure it will be true once UEFA goes to 24, but with 16 teams, the overall quality of play was higher than the WC.

            1. I believe that two teams from the same group CAN meet again after group play, but only in the semi-final game. Likewise, two teams from the same half (groups A through D and groups E through H) can meet in the semi-finals, but not in the finals. The finals will be populated by one team from groups A through D and one team from groups E through H.

              1. NO!!!!! Read what I wrote above about the bracket that Aberis linked to. The semifinals are between the brackets across from each other not the brackets on the same side. Got too lazy to check the FIFA web site but from Wikipedia:
                “The competition is organised so that teams that played each other in the group stage cannot meet again during the knockout phase until the final (or the 3rd place match).”

              2. I see. The bracket that Aneris presented is confusing, as you say, because it fails to clearly show that of the two teams advancing from each group, one of them always switches over to the other side of the bracket for the Round of 16. I found a bracket that shows this perfectly at Thanks for helping me to clear that up, George.

  6. Everyone seems to be opting for the usual teams. Being the happy owner of a signed copy of WEIT already, I’ll choose something different:

    Switzerland 3 – Uruguay 2

    Even though they are ranked 6th and 7th by FIFA, unlikely to happen. If it does, I’ll buy everyone a drink. Hopp Schwiiz!

      1. Yes, Hitzfeld is probably the best they ever had, probably even better than Roy Hodgson who managed to qualify the team for the ’94 World Cup.

  7. Germany vs Brazil, Germany wins 2-1. Fred is sent off early in the second half for another Oscar worthy dive, this time the referre gets it right though.

  8. It would my dream that Argentina face Brasil in the finals, and win 3 to 1. I am Argentinian of course. That would be awesome

  9. About all the predicted scores are for the usual suspects have been given.
    As said, if the Low Countries continue to play like they did against The Red, they should win.
    However, for this bet I’ll go for something less predictable -and less probable-, what about e.g. Cote d’Ivoire 3 – Portugal 1?

    1. Is that wishful thinking or do you really think that Belgium can reach the finals.
      I do hope they will, but I think they lack experience. We do have quite a young team and we didn’t make it to the big tournaments these last years. So it’s all quite new for the players.

  10. Holland 2 Argentina 1

    Don’t let me down Dutchmen: I don’t know how else to get a copy of WEIT in North Thailand.

    1. Not sure if the above counts as predicting the score, but let’s say that the above is after a 1-1 draw, both goals in the 2nd half of normal time.

      Argentina miss a penalty first (one of the midfielders), then one of the Brazil stars and one of their defenders miss and Argentina win by 2 misses to 1.

  11. I predict that Brazil is going to loose against the Netherlands 0 – 2, reclaiming Dutch ‘total football’

    Goals by Van Persie & Depay

  12. France 1 Belgium 2
    However I would guess Colombia & Argentina & brazil may well be there, & it would be strange for a European team to win the final. It is just that sometimes the best team does not win.

  13. I know next to nothing about football, but I drew Argentina in the company pool… so Argentina 1-0 over Brazil. Go Messi!

  14. Brazil over the Netherlands
    No way the Selecao loses on their home turf twice in 64 years. Moacyr Barbosa is finally vindicated.

  15. Brasil will win 1 – 0 against Argentina.

    However, should I fail in this comp, I have Chile in the sweep stack, plus a national interest in England where I hail from. My love of capoeira though means I’ll be happy with Brasil winning.

  16. The contest is now officially closed. A helpful reader made a spreadsheet for me, and I see there are about a dozen duplicate predictions. Remember, if there are ties, the first one to guess wins.

    Good luck to everyone; we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the winner.

  17. holland is good player especially arjen robben he was a good player, and he knows germany players, i am a fan of holland and holland has experience became a champion, so holland is champion this year ………….

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