Today’s football

June 15, 2014 • 4:15 am

All times shown are Chicago times (2 hours earlier than Brazil).

I know Matthew will be watching the France/Honduras match (his favorite team is not England but France). With my ration of one game today, I’ll be lucky to watch Argentina/Bosnia & Herzegovina, which I’ve discovered is broadcast on a local Spanish-language t.v. station. Which game(s) will you watch?

And any bets whether Messi will score?

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.47 AM

5 thoughts on “Today’s football

  1. I’d like to watch Argentina vs Bosnia, but it conflicts with my workday. I’ll have to settle for Switzerland vs Ecuador instead.

  2. I’ll watch Ecuador / Switzerland and Honduras / France because they are on network tv and I dont have cable. I may hit a sportsbar to catch Argentina/Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  3. I need to root for Switzerland, purely for ancestral and high-school-connection reasons. I’ve no idea if they are any good or not.

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