No spoilers: Today’s World Cup schedule

June 14, 2014 • 4:39 am

All times are Chicago time. Which game will you watch? England and Italy for me, played in steamy Manaus (I’m allowed only one per day.) Remember, they’re streamed live (and in pretty high quality) by Univison. Go here to watch.

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 6.30.57 AM

Here are highlights of yesterday’s Spain vs. Netherlands game. Watch it quickly, as the stupid FIFA doesn’t let these things stay up long. And say what you will about the refereeing, but the Dutch played wonderfully.

Today’s New York Times has a nice interactive graphic analysis of the game, “Spain was asking for trouble against the Netherlands.”

And, the Google Doodles continue to be about the World Cup.  Click on the screenshot to see the animation: Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 6.31.15 AM




11 thoughts on “No spoilers: Today’s World Cup schedule

  1. England vs Italy is probably the pick of the games for me. It’s a toss-up between that and Costa Rica vs Uruguay, which I think might have better football to watch (neither England or Italy are known for their attacking flair), but it’s hard to pass up on one of the bigger games.

    Plus, if there’s the possibility of seeing England lose, I think that’s reason enough to watch.

    1. “Plus, if there’s the possibility of seeing England lose, I think that’s reason enough to watch.”

      Are you Scottish perchance?

      1. That said, I’m a Liverpool fan, so to see Johnson, Henderson, Gerrard, Sterling, and Sturridge all start gave me some cognitive dissonance.

  2. Van Pirsie and Robben on this form are going to take some stopping. That has to be one of greatest headers ever. Two beauties from Robben. Van Pirsie’s volley which hit the bar was sweetly struck. Altogether awesome.

  3. If you have a broadcast Univision station in your town (Channel 66.1 WGBO in Chicago), you can watch the games on your television with that old fashioned thing called an antenna.

  4. Costa Rica upsets Uruguai 3 x 1! In the third goal Marco Ureña makes a hard shot look easy after receiving a perfect pass from Joel Campbell. Campbell himself made the first CR goal. Congratulations to Colombia and Costa Rica.

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