Caturday felids: One kitty hikes, and a fat one purloins gloves

June 14, 2014 • 5:58 am

From I Love Meow, we have a Saturday heartwarmer: a cat lost in the wild gets rescued by climbers:

A tiny abandoned kitten strayed into the hearts of a group of climbers. “Meet Red, a stray we found in a gravel parking lot at Muir Valley, Red River Gorge, Kentucky. He adopted us by following us for half a mile through the woods,” said Eric C.

“He followed us the whole way from the parking lot at Muir down the trail to Tectonic Wall, and stayed at the crag with us all day. We couldn’t leave him,” Jennifer S. said.

(Photos courtesy of Jennifer S. and Eric C.)


Red is quite a hiker. He tagged along with his human friends he just met when they were hiking up the hill. When the kitty didn’t feel like walking, he wasn’t shy to ask for assistance. “He rode on my shoulders or backpack, but insisted I hunch over. He’d sleep in my helmet, but didn’t like being carried in it as much. What worked best was letting him sleep in our jackets, with a strap around the bottom so he wouldn’t fall out,” Eric added.

n Red wanted some rest, he wasn’t shy to ask for assistance. “He rode on my shoulders or backpack, but insisted I hunch over.” - See more at: Read more at
When Red wanted some rest, he wasn’t shy to ask for assistance. “He rode on my shoulders or backpack, but insisted I hunch over.”
Red snuggled into Eric’s jacket, ready for a nap.
He discovered their helmet. It’s a perfect fit!

They fell in love with the little unexpected furry friend. When they were leaving that day, they went home with a new addition. “I may have adopted a kitten or a kitten may have adopted me,” Eric wrote.



From the Vancouver Sun, we hear about a fat Canadian cat (too many Tim Hortons?) who has taken to stealing work gloves. We’ve had several posts about cats who purloin other peoples’ stuff, but never one who specialized in one item. Who can fathom the felid mind?

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 7.36.57 AM

Burnaby’s Dawn Palmer has a mystery on her hands.

A few months back, she started noticing workmen’s gloves showing up on the floor of her home. Nylon ones, fabric ones, never in a matched pair, just singles – and they were found in the dining room, the back balcony and around the front door of her South Slope home.

Assuming they belonged to her son, Palmer simply left them in his room and thought little of it.

“Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute, there’s too many of them,’ ” Palmer told a reporter.

Her son decided to count the gloves, and dumped a bag of them on the living room floor – that’s when the family realized there was something strange happening. There were just too many gloves.

“I kept thinking this doesn’t make sense,” Palmer said, suspecting their family dog was up to something.

It wasn’t until a day or two later that the Palmers finally figured out who was leaving the gloves. Sienna, the family cat, had a history of bringing home “presents” for her owners and would announce their delivery with attention-demanding meows.


. . . Sienna is aging and has put on a few pounds, so Palmer suspects the gloves are easy “prey” for the calico.

“Seriously, I think because she’s too fat now and can’t catch anything, she’s picked up this glove thing,” Palmer says, laughing. “I’m just so happy it’s not mice and birds anymore. … I would hate it when she brought them home.”

But catching Sienna in the act only solved half of the mystery. Where the gloves are coming from is unknown, and Sienna keeps bringing more home.

Palmer feels bad, because somewhere out there, someone is missing a whole lot of gloves, and her cat is to blame.

. . . Palmer estimates Sienna has brought in more than 50 gloves in total and counting.

“She’s still doing it! Every two days now, I find another one. Now I just throw them in the bag,” she says. “One day, I had the gloves in the bag, and I was holding the bag, and she’s meowing at me, as if to say: ‘Those are mine.’ It’s too funny.”

h/t: Merilee, John

17 thoughts on “Caturday felids: One kitty hikes, and a fat one purloins gloves

  1. When I’m working in the woods and I have to pull off a glove for whatever reason I always stuff it deep into my pocket.
    If I just set it down anywhere it will disappear. I lost a half dozen (at $25 a pop) before I saw one of my dogs snatch one up and carry it off to bury. They are quite competitive and spend a lot of time hiding ‘prey’ from each other.

      1. Ha ha! I just love black fur. I have a dog with yellow fur once I got passed only looking for black pets and went with personality but I think black cats have it rough so advocate for them the most.

  2. Somebody is sure to be aware of a lot of missing gloves! Is there a construction site, plant nursery, machine shop, county shed, or car garage nearby? By nearby I mean up to several blocks away.

  3. Cats absolutely belong on the trail — but not without an human to ride on! I’m glad Red was in the right place at the right time to find such a well-suited mobile foreverhome.


  4. Our cat Zizou, named for the great Zidane, loves flip-flops. He ‘digs in’ head first before relaxing for a nap on shoes left at the front door by visiting friends.

  5. One summer, we were staying at a run-down chateau in the country south of Grenoble that was being SLOWLY renovated by friends, and we were care-taking their property for a couple of weeks. Our two cats were with us, well not actually with us as they both scampered into the huge woodpile — one stayed there for about 3 days until we dismantled it and got her out.

    The small farm next door (their dwelling was almost touching the chateau) had a passel of animals and chicken including cats. Only one of the kittens the house cat gave birth to that spring would eventually be allowed to live inside with its mother. And that sprightly fellow was quite a character.

    We were hiking in the hills nearby for about five minutes when we noticed him following us. The tiny, furry one was just too far away from his farm to return on his own so we carried him during the four-hour round-trip hike in our arms as we took turns. I named him Jake. He was returned eventually safely to his farm. 🙂

  6. Ten years ago I went on a long distance hike in Tasmania (the Overland Track) with my daughter, son-in-law and two grand daughters then aged 5 and 7. No cats were found on the seven day, 70+ km walk, but on the way back after I’d flown home from Hobart, the rest of the family found a tiny black kitten abandoned on Hawley Beach on the North coast of Tassie. So of course they adopted him. He is now the boss cat (although still very small) of a 4 felid / 4 hominid home. Some cats fall on their feet!

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