Saturday: Hili dialogue

May 31, 2014 • 2:54 am

Hili is taking her tactics from Israel (after all, her name means “She’s mine!” in Hebrew). Here Andrzej plays the role of John Kerry:

A: It is high time to start direct peace negotiations.
Hili: First he has to recognize my right to exist.


In Polish:
Ja: Najwyższy czas zacząć bezpośrednie rozmowy pokojowe.
Hili: On musi najpierw uznać moje prawo do egzystencji.

6 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. Obviously Hili has a right to exist. Any solution must start from here as things stand and not from any point in the past.

  2. Hili is right. If Cyrus retracts his claws there will be peace; if Hili retracts her claws there will be no Hili. 🙂

  3. Here Andrzej plays the role of John Kerry

    …except, of course, that Andrzej is actually likely to succeed in brokering a lasting peace agreement.

    …hmmm…maybe we should draft A into the diplomatic corps…?


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