The greatest paper plane ever?

May 31, 2014 • 3:16 am

[JAC: Matthew asked me to post this as he “was on the phone.” He must make long calls!]

by Matthew Cobb

Last night England played Peru in a friendly football (= soccer) match on preparation for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The match took place at Wembley Stadium in London (England won 3-0).

In the second half the crowd started making paper planes. This video shows that one plane, launched from the Gods, not only made its way onto the pitch, it amazingly hit an oblivious Peruvian player in the head. He wasn’t hurt, and everyone cheered.

[JAC: Matthew is obviously one of those soccer hooligans.]

17 thoughts on “The greatest paper plane ever?

    1. …and chest, head, knee — basically everything but the hands (unless you’re a goalie). So if we’re being literal, it really ought to be called no-hands-ball.

      And I have yet to see an American football player play without his feet.

    2. I think the WEIT convention – perhaps forgotten – was ‘Soccerball’! I like to say footer which seems to have gone out of fashion –
      as the OED says,
      “1863 Boy’s Own Vol. July 36 A peculiar fashion of their own [at Harrow] which prompts them to call football ‘footer’”

  1. At last. A way to make soccer exciting.
    (Just kidding really. I actually like soccer.)

  2. Umm, I’m sure the player did get hit by a paper airplane, but that it was thrown from that high up, the first part of that video is apparently spoofed?; else the final ‘leg’ of the flight that was supposedly filmed from way up there is the most bizarre ‘wobble-flight’ ever!…? right?, oh am I mis-seeing things?

    1. Not a spoof. Lots of planes were thrown. The one you see launched at the start seemed to nose-dive into the crowd after a few seconds; another one, thrown from lower down was the one that hit the player. If you watch closely you can see there were a lot of planes launched after the countdown.

  3. Best comment on youtube is that if the plane hit Neymar, he’d take a dive.

    England will probably get out of their group now that Uruguay is perhaps weakened w/Suarez’s injury (though Suarez claims he’ll play).

    I wish I could say the same for the USA but I don’t think they’ll get a win this cup.

  4. I seem to remember first time the World Cup was played in Brazil USA beat England 1-0 😉

  5. I’m not sure whether this belongs here or with today’s Caturday felid.

    The Independent reports on a recent survey by Catalonia’s veterinary association, which has recorded 701 cats and d*gs named after Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi, but only 10 named after Cristiano Ronaldo, of Real Madrid and Portugal.

    The disparity may be because Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, but could it also be because ‘Lionel’ is a pretty good name for a cat and ‘Messi’ is a fitting name for most do*gs?

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