Readers’ cats: Spook (RIP) is replaced by Gus

March 14, 2014 • 2:39 pm

What shall we have to close a long week? Would a cat do? How about one without ears? (Yes, I know there have been many cats this week, but the laws of physics determined that long ago, and I had no choice in the matter.)

In December reader Carol (aka Taskin) lost her black cat Spook, who was memorialized on this site. But I’ve recently heard from her that she’s adopted another cat—a stray—and she sent a note and some photos:

I’ve adopted a new cat!  His name is Gus and I’ve included a few pictures. He has lost his ears due to frostbite.  A friend of mine is a vet and this stray cat was brought into her clinic after having been caught in a trap during one of the -40° spells we’ve had here. Seriously, what sort of idiot do you have to be to set a trap in that kind of weather?  (It also seems as though he was the intended victim of the trap.) Anyway, the folks at the vet clinic thought of me since my previous cat, Spook, was all black.  A bit of a yin and yang, you know.

The vet was worried he might also lose some of his tail, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  The pads of his feet lost skin but they are okay now.  He’s a fantastic cat, probably not quite a year old.  He is still pretty skittish around other people, but is playful and affectionate and coming around really well.  He’s going to make a very nice companion.  I think of him as a designer cat with designer ears.  (Actually, I’ve become so used to his ears that I’m surprised to see cats with full ears now.)

Gus in the window

Except for the missing ears, Spook reminds me very much of my late and beloved cat Teddy, who was also pure white with green eyes.

Gus in action


22 thoughts on “Readers’ cats: Spook (RIP) is replaced by Gus

  1. His ears suit him – they aren’t completely gone and they seem to suit his expressions. I’m glad someone found him in that nasty trap! I’m surprised you can even use traps like that!

  2. Aww. What a sweet boy Gus is, and he looks so happy in his new digs! I’m so glad you have him safe and sound in your home now. Boos & hisses to the evil trapper!

  3. Years ago I dated a young lady who stumbled upon a gang of kids who had set fire to a cardboard box containing a kitty in NY’s Central Park. She ran them off and took the cat home. It did lose one ear but was fine otherwise. She named it (wait for it…) Amelia Earhurt.

    1. I can barely stand to think of something that horrible. Fantastic name though!
      (Gus is happily having a bath right now.)

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