Second reminder: Cat Confession Contest

January 18, 2014 • 1:21 pm

So you’re hanging around the house with your cat this weekend, and of course you have a camera. Along with a pen and a scrap of paper, that’s all you need to enter the “Cat Confession Contest,” which I announced here and added a reminder here. It ends a week from tomorrow, and there are 14 entries, so the contest is on. But those not as numerous as I’d like, especially in view of what’s required: a picture of a cat with a written confession (which must be true). The prize is an autographed copy of WEIT, with a drawing to your specification.  What do you have to lose?

Just as a reminder, here are two exemplars (not from a reader; you won’t see those until the end); there are other specimens in the two posts mentioned above.

Picture 2

Face it—your cat has done some bad stuff, and you might as well profit from it.

Picture 1


9 thoughts on “Second reminder: Cat Confession Contest

  1. Lucky those readers who have cat(s). Have a go! As one of those less fortunate, I am looking forward to the mighty entertainment that will be the result of the CCCC!

    1. I too am catless and won’t be sending pics.

      My sons wanted those other popular house pets, the ones we can’t mention,so the last couple of carnivores here have been those. I quite like them though — the current one a pleasure to have around. The last one was more trouble, but still quite OK. Both rescues, BTW.

  2. The second cat would definitely be the type of pet I’d end up owning. All my animals seem to be deviants. 😀

  3. Since I’ve already got a book, I won’t be entering (though I might have done so if needed to boost the contestant count).

    If I did, I think Baihu’s “shame” might be, “I ate the lizard that ate the penguin who ate Jesus.”



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