8 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. Is a cat which is approaching it’s Schwartzchild radius also approaching a Schroedinger state?
    Verily, cats are quantum. Even Deepity doesn’t manage to get that wrong.

    1. Once the cat is inside the Schwarzschild radius outside observers (us) can never know its state. But we can always find out the state of Schrödinger’s cat by looking inside the box.

      Deepity right? Wash your mouth out with soap and water.

      1. The cat is approaching the Schwartzchild radius from larger radii, so that it remains observable to those of us in the real universe (which excludes Deepak Chopra ; just to keep “Old Testicle Crusher”, my favourite steel-toe boot, in employment).
        I still favour the Wheelerian interpretation of Ceiling Cats and Basement Cats representing the One True Cat travelling in different directions in time.

        1. to keep “Old Testicle Crusher”, my favourite steel-toe boot, in employment

          Entirely off-topic (Hi, Hili! Don’t mind us humans!), but I don’t know if I’ve thanked you for some advice you (I’m pretty sure it was you) gave me some time back.

          I was looking for protective shoes to use when doing manual labor around the house. You set me in a direction which landed me at the Industrial Shoe Company just a few miles up the road from me. They sold me a pair of Hytest ankle-height boots with fiberglass toes…and they’re really good shoes. Comfortable, and I have no fear of shovels or weedwhackers or pesticides or dropped cinderblocks or anything else I’m likely to do in my usual idiocy.



          1. I think that you did thank me at the time.
            Just because industrial goods aren’t made to be pretty doesn’t mean to say that they’re not good. Actually, I think I’ve used Hytest boots myself at some point in the dim and distant past ; I certainly remember the name from somewhere.

            1. It’s been my experience that industrial goods are generally (though, of course, not always) more solid and useful than their consumer counterparts. I suspect that has to do with consumers caring more about prettiness than actually getting the damned job done.

              I have no idea where Hytest fits in the world of work shoes, but I really am impressed with them.


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