Onerous kitten carry

December 13, 2013 • 3:11 pm

It’s FRIDAY! Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards. Which seat can I take?

So, to end the week, we shall have cats.

If there were an Olympic event for the Kitten Carry, this mother cat would win the gold.  I don’t know anything about the circumstances (was the kitten lost?), and the video seems to be in Russian, but you must admire the tenacity (and balance) of this feline mom:

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8 thoughts on “Onerous kitten carry

  1. Translation:
    …Cat will bring the kitten to the second floor. In [its] teeth [a] kitten.

    This is already the second kitten.

    [chuckling]. [The] first one she brought… [Speaking too fast to be comprehended by me.]…asked again…[Speaking too fast to be comprehended by me.]…Exited through the door. [chuckling.] Now carrying the second one.

    [chuckling]. Owner will then take a look! [chuckling]. [It] meows.

    That’s [a] smarty. Now again [it] will jump, and [that’s] all. [Laughs]

  2. If the video-maker thought the cat had an owner, it probably wasn’t lost. In any case, there is no effective animal control in the vast majority of Russia. Millions of stray cats and dogs roam uncontrolled throughout the streets.

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