Cat beards (and a contest)

May 23, 2013 • 11:36 am

Here’s a new meme: cat beards (more links below the photo).

Send me a picture of you making a cat beard with your moggie; if you’re a winner (there will be only one), you get an autographed book with a picture of your cat drawn in.

WARNING!!!: You know the risks you’re taking by doing this.

Cat faces

You can see more cat beards at The Laughing Squid, which also provides moar links:

Cat Beards is a purrrfect photo meme where people position their cat’s chin in front of their own face and make it look as if they have a furry beard, mouth and all. Some of the photos have been around for a few years, but the meme has only recently really taken off. You can view more photos of mutant cat beard people online at Cat-Beard.comKnow Your Meme and by searching around in the Instagram tag #CatBeard.


You can make a ‘stache, too!:


h/t: Su, Richard

27 thoughts on “Cat beards (and a contest)

  1. Oh, my.

    This would probably actually be pretty easy for me to capture…Baihu seems to like to try to shove his nose up mine, for some reason….

    But, as I already have a book with cat portrait, I do believe I shall gracefully step aside and let somebody else have a chance for a change….


    1. Yes, my cat used to do this spontaneously. It was her signal for a chin scratch. I just never had a camera handy.

      1. This isn’t just sniffing…this is practically an attempt to shove his whole head into my sinus cavities…it’s really sweet, if more than a bit weird….


      1. Oh, I hope not! I’m firmly opposed to feline digital mutilation.

        And not only is the paw a few inches away from her face, all cats I’ve known are quite capable of putting fully-armed paws on unprotected human skin without causing damage. Just because they can draw blood doesn’t mean they actually want to.


      2. wait, wait! this could be misinterpreted! what i MEANT was, “IF I tried this with my cat, I would be slashed, I bet this cat is delclawed!”

  2. A friend (nominally a Christian) showed me this stuff two nights ago. I tried to have him forward the post to WEIT, but alas. I wasn’t worried; I knew it would show up.

    heeere Butter, Butter, Butter… (where IS that cat?)

  3. I had a good laugh looking at the pics JAC posted, brought my family to show and we googled cat bearding too. Great laughs tyvm!

  4. You know, all your cat posts makes me miss my cat so much more.

    One day, when I get my own place again, I can’t wait to get a new cat. Until then…urggg *wipes eye*

  5. Might have a crack at his later. My kittiess aren’t big fans of being held so I might have to try for the mustache option…

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